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Daytona Cubs music intern Derek Dye ejected by umpire for playing ‘Three Blind Mice’

We knew umpires could be a sensitive bunch, but who knew they were this sensitive?

Home plate umpire Mario Seneca ejected two members of the Daytona Cubs (Single-A Cubs) staff on Wednesday night after the nursery rhyme “Three Blind Mice” played over the stadium’s sound system following a questionable call.’s Danny Wild described the scene at Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona:

After a questionable play at first base, [Cubs manager Brian] Harper argued the call with infield umpire Ramon Hernandez. Daytona first baseman Taylor Davis appeared to pick a ball in the dirt thrown by shortstop Tim Saunders, but it came out of his glove when he turned to toss it around the infield. Hernandez ruled Davis had bobbled the ball rather than dropping it on the transfer and declared Fort Myers’ Andy Leer safe.

Cubs music intern Derek Dye then played the nursery rhyme, prompting a harsh reaction from the umpire, who reportedly pointed at the press box and shouted “You’re done!” to Dye and the team’s public address announcer. He also ordered the team to stop playing music for the rest of the game.

Dye is worried that Seneca will be umpiring Thursday’s game, but he seems to be taking the whole situation well:


Triathlete Leah Prudhomme attacked by otter while swimming

Triathlete Leah Prudhomme needed several rabies shots after being attacked by a sea otter while swimming in a Minnesota lake last week.

Prudhomme, who has done seven half Ironman triathlons and also coaches triathletes, suffered the injuries while training with a friend for her second full Ironman Triathlon. The two were swimming in Island Lake near Duluth when Prudhomme was attacked.

The details according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

[Prudhomme and a friend] swam around an island and veered back to shore. As they passed a bog, Prudhomme felt a nip at her ankle. She stopped, frantically treading water. Up popped the otter’s head before it dove back underwater and attacked “ferociously.”

The otter left 25 bite marks around Prudhomme’s legs, feet, and back, but luckily her wet suit took the worst of it.

“It just kept coming after me,” said Prudhomme, 33. “You never knew where it was going to bite next.”

Otter attacks are extremely uncommon — there reportedly have only been 40 in the last 20 years. Prudhomme isn’t letting the attack deter her; she’s planning to compete in the Duluth Triathlon next month on the same lake.

“I’m scared, but it’s one of those things you don’t want to let get the best of you,” she told the Star Tribune. “It’s not like I’ll be bitten by another otter.”

Maybe not an otter, but perhaps an alligator?

H/T Sports by Brooks Live via Off the Bench

Australian rugby player accused of peeing his pants to scare away tacklers

An Australian rugby player was investigated last week after an opposing team accused the player of urinating in his shorts to scare off tacklers. You can’t make this stuff up.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the Wollongong Vikings sent a letter to the the Illawarra District Rugby Union (IDRU) accusing an Avondale player of urinating in his shorts to scare away tacklers. They even sent the league a photo that shows the player with a big stain around the crotch region on his shorts (picture here).

“It is either evidence that the player has urinated in his shorts immediately prior to the commencement of the game, or has applied some liquid to that area of his shorts so as to provide the same inference,” Vikings president Mark McDonald wrote.

“Either way, such conduct is contrary to the spirit of the game and in contravention of items 8 and 9 of the IDRU Code of Conduct.”

The player reportedly was accused of the same thing last season, but nothing was done to address it.

Unfortunately for the angry Vikings, the player was cleared of the accusation. He claimed he poured water on himself in response to taunts from the opposing fans.


Chinese soccer fan Jiang Xiaoshan dies after going 11 days without sleep to watch Euro 2012

What likely started out as a cool idea to prove what a devoted soccer fan he is turned out to be fatal for one Chinese man.

26-year-old Jiang Xiaoshan died last week after going 11 days without sleep so he could watch every game of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament.

Jiang Xiaoshan, who was said to be supporting England and France in the tournament, went to his home around 5am on Tuesday, took a shower, went to bed, and never woke up.

He apparently would go to work and then stay up to watch all the soccer games. Alcohol and tobacco use combined with his lack of sleep reportedly contributed to a weakened immune system, which led to his death.

Look, I know it sounds like a cool idea to prove how dedicated you are, but come on. Going 11 days without sleep? You can’t do that to yourself otherwise you’ll die. Like this guy did. I guess soccer fans can be every bit as foolish as video gamers who refuse to give their bodies a break.

Brazilian soccer player bitten by police dog during discussion with linesmen (Video)

It’s a wacky world out there for Brazilian soccer players, and you can never be sure what you might face on the pitch. During a game between Caxias and Novo Hamburgo Saturday, one player was bitten by a dog on the pitch.

Caxias striker Vanderlei was bitten by a policeman’s German Shepard while he and his teammates swarmed the refs to dispute a call. They were contesting a disallowed goal that was overturned, one that marked the only score of the game. So not only did Vanderlei get bit, but his team also lost. At least Vanderlei was able to return after the game was delayed about 10 minutes.

If Vanderlei needs someone to lean on, he should speak with former Auburn DB Jerraud Powers who was bitten by a dog during the 2007 Iron Bowl. Maybe they could commiserate about rabies shots.

Thanks to Off the Bench for sharing the video

Former Memphis G Roburt Sallie reportedly cut for taking penis enlargement pills

You may remember former Memphis guard Roburt Sallie for his three-point shooting prowess in the NCAA Tournament. As a sophomore, Sallie made 10 threes and scored a school-record 35 points in a tournament game against CSUN. Now you’ll remember him for something else.

According to a translation from Spanish site, Sallie was cut from his Spanish basketball team for failing to notify the franchise he was taking ExtenZe, a type of penis enlargement pill. The team was concerned that the pills could cause a positive drug test because of the testosterone and they were upset he never disclosed he was taking them. Their report also seems to indicate that Sallie hardly ever showered with his team after practices and games, and they believe this is the reason why.

So a matter Sallie was likely looking to keep as private as possible has now gone global. Sorry to throw salt in your game, Sal, but you gotta know that anything sold in an infomercial at 3am can’t be good news (except for of course, the Sham Wow).

UPDATE: Sallie went on the radio to explain that he was not taking penis enlargement pills, but a male sexual enhancement pill. Here’s his side of the story.

H/T Draft Express

Tennis Player Elise Tamaela Reportedly Beaten Up by Player’s Father

We’ve heard of crazy parents in sports doing some wild things, but this may top the list. Dutch tennis player Elise Tamaela (pictured) says she was assaulted by Mihai Barbat, the father of another tennis player, Karen Barbat.

Tamaela was supporting countrywoman Danielle Harmsen who was playing Karen Barbat (a Danish player) in a qualifying match in Germany. Karen Barbat told a Danish newspaper that Harmsen’s supporters were being rowdy and she asked them to quiet down a bit. She says one of the fans provoked her father who responded with a few punches.

The punches to Tamaela’s temple reportedly were enough to knock her unconscious for a few minutes. Her brother says they went to a police station to file a report and then the hospital for treatment.

The match ended after the alleged assault and Harmsen won by default. Karen Barbat also defaulted her doubles match. Sadly, Tamaela had to default her match as well.

SB Nation says that Mihai Barbat has a long history of questionable behavior around the courts which should not come as a surprise.

Why does it seem like tennis parents are some of the worst? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Just read this and this.

Thanks to Sports Grid and SB Nation for the story

Highlights from the Redneck Olympics in Maine (Video)

The Redneck Olympics took place this weekend in Hebron, Maine, drawing a crowd of hundreds. The rules were simple: beer and facial hair mandatory, tank tops and tattoos optional, and proper grammar forbidden.

According to the Sun Journal, some of the events included:

    – tug-of-war
    – the beer trot
    – bobbing for pigs’ feet
    – wife-carrying
    – the mud flop
    – toilet-seat horseshoes
    – greased watermelon haul
    – pie-eating contest

Here’s a highlight video from the weekend’s events:


Peruvian Soccer Players Drug Opponents, Slip Them Tranquilizers

I’m really starting to wonder if there’s a translation for the word “sportsmanship” in South America.  A couple weeks back, we brought you a story about the president of Bolivia kneeing an opponent in the man zone during a friendly exhibition.  Today, we have a story from another soccer match in South America — this time in Peru — that may be even more messed up.

According to a report we read over at Deadspin, players from the Peruvian soccer club Sport Ancash drugged their opponents from Hijos de Acosvinchos prior to a match that was supposed to promote the top tier of soccer in Peru.  That’s right, I said drugged.

The story goes that Acosvinchos accepted what they thought to be a friendly gesture from the Sport Ancash coach prior to the game.  The coach gave the Acosvinchos players a drink — which was supposedly in a beaker yet they still drank it — and told them it was an energy drink.  Some of the players started going down like sacks of potatoes minutes later.  Turns out the drinks were the exact opposite of an energy drink and contained tranquilizers.

We hear about teams playing pranks on one another and little tid bits of unsportsmanlike behavior all the time, but doing something like that is inexcusable.  If someone had turned out to be allergic to whatever was in the drinks or hurt them self badly when they collapsed I doubt anyone would be laughing.  Deadspin has a video explaining the incident, for those of you who understand Espanol.

By the way, is it wrong if I start referring to this act as a “Peruvian roofie?” Yes? Fine, I won’t do that.