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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Report: Some Redskins players unhappy with Bill Callahan’s practices

The Washington Redskins continue to face questions about their organizational culture, and a new report probably won’t help matters.

NBC Washington’s Rick Walker told Team 980 that some Redskins players were unhappy that interim coach Bill Callahan held practice on Wednesday of the team’s Week 10 bye. He added that some players were also unhappy with Callahan having the team practice in pads on back-to-back days last week.

Wednesday bye week practices are certainly not completely uncommon in the NFL. The team is also 1-9. It’s not really clear why that would be such a troubling thing for these players, but it’s certainly illustrative of a great deal of dysfunction within the organization. Bruce Allen insists that the team doesn’t have a culture problem, but there’s no reason whatsoever to believe him.

Watch: Redskins fans chant ‘sell the team’ during latest blowout loss

Redskins logo

Washington Redskins fans had to sit through another embarrassing effort from their team on Sunday, and some of them decided to take their frustrations out on the team’s ownership.

During the fourth fourth quarter of their team’s blowout loss to the New York Jets, a group of Redskins fans could be heard chanting, “Sell the team! Sell the team!”

Washington has had an abysmal season. The only thing fans can hope for is for first-round pick Dwayne Haskins to emerge as a legitimate NFL starter, but the franchise’s supporters have been tortured for years.

We recently saw a brewery based in DC take a shot at the Redskins and owner Daniel Snyder, and you can’t blame fans for being fed up. With all the losing and the drama that has gone on with some of their best players, you could easily argue that Washington is one of the worst run franchises in the NFL.

Dwayne Haskins named Redskins’ starting QB for rest of season

The Washington Redskins faced criticism early in the season for not giving Dwayne Haskins a chance to play with a postseason run no longer within reach, but the rookie is going to be given every opportunity to prove himself the rest of the way.

On Monday, Redskins interim head coach Bill Callahan named Haskins the starter for the remainder of the season.

With Washington looking likely to finish the season with one of the worst records in the NFL, Haskins could essentially be fighting for a future with the team. The Redskins may end up in a position to draft Tua Tagovailoa or Joe Burrow, and they will likely have a new head coach in place at that time who may want to groom his own quarterback. If Haskins struggles, it’s not out of the question that Washington will draft another QB.

Haskins has completed just over 61 percent of his passes for 284 yards, no touchdowns and four interceptions across three games this season. There have been reports about the team being concerned with his development, but obviously they aren’t worried about breaking his confidence. While no one expects much of a 1-8 team, Haskins will be facing plenty of pressure over the final seven games of the season.

Redskins reportedly will not pay Trent Williams remainder of 2019 salary

Trent Williams

The relationship between Trent Williams and the Washington Redskins appears to be getting worse by the day, and the team clearly is not planning to make an effort to earn back the trust of the All-Pro offensive lineman.

Washington announced on Thursday that they have placed Williams on the Reserve/Non-Football Injury list, which is a way to keep him on the roster without having to release him. It also gives the team the option of not paying Williams for the remainder of 2019, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Field Yates reports that they are taking that approach.

Williams already forfeited half of his $11 million salary by not showing up for the first eight games of the season, so he will now go the entire year without making any money. He could actually lose money, as the Redskins can fine him for the mandatory practices he missed during the offseason.

The biggest question now will be whether Williams’ contract will toll for next season. The 31-year-old is under contract to make $12.5 million in 2020. If his contract tolls, that would keep him with Washington for two more seasons, as he would not get credit for this season toward his contract.

Williams has made it crystal clear that he does not intend to ever play for Washington again, and he shared some more details about the negligence of the team’s medical staff this week. It’s still possible that the Redskins could trade him during the offseason, but they obviously don’t feel the need to smooth things over with him in the meantime.

Trent Williams says he asked Redskins to remove tumor multiple times

Trent Williams

Trent Williams maintains that the way the Washington Redskins misdiagnosed a health condition he was dealing with for several years could have cost him his life, and the All-Pro tackle shared some more details this week about just how dismissive team doctors were when he repeatedly expressed concerns.

Williams says he first informed the Redskins in 2013 that he was concerned about a growth on his head. Team doctors repeatedly told him it was a benign cyst. When Williams asked to be sent to a dermatologist in 2016, he says he was once again told the growth was a cyst and nothing to worry about.

While speaking with Mike Jones of USA Today this week, Williams revealed that he asked Redskins team doctors to remove the growth on his head on three separate occasions. The first was in 2017, when he was going to be sedated for a knee procedure and asked if the growth could be removed at the same time. Team doctors reassured Williams that it “wasn’t that serious.” He asked about the removal again during two separate procedures in 2018 — one where he was sedated for thumb surgery and another for a different knee procedure. He says he was told to wait until the offseason.

Not long after that, in January 2019, Williams had a biopsy of the growth and was informed it was cancerous. Doctors told him the cancer cells were mere weeks away from penetrating his skull. At that point, he says team owner Daniel Snyder flew him all around in a private jet so he could get the proper medical care.

Williams was placed on the Reserve/Non-Football Injury list this week, which means Washington can keep him on the roster without having to pay him. There are also some questions about whether his contract, which has two years remaining on it, will toll. Williams said he still has no intention of playing for the Redskins in 2020, and he feels any effort they are making to investigate the handling of his medical situation is only to cover themselves.

“I mean, I do want to play football still and I’m not a free agent until after the 2020 season, so who knows,” Williams told USA Today. “But the bridge has definitely been burned, and any efforts now, basically are, in my opinion, pretty much just CYA (cover your a–).”

All of the allegations Williams has made against Washington are incredibly troubling, and he is not the only player who has accused the team of that sort of thing. If the Redskins want the Williams situation to go away, their best bet is to trade him this offseason.

Su’a Cravens says Trent Williams situation proves his Redskins allegations correct

Before Trent Williams was at odds with the Washington Redskins and their doctors over his health and status, there was Su’a Cravens.

The former Washington linebacker played one season with the team, appearing in 11 games in 2016. Cravens has claimed that he endured a similar situation as Williams — the team lied to the league about his injuries and mistreated him.

In the wake of Williams’ continued allegations against the team, Cravens took to Twitter and praised Williams for “exposing” the Redskins. He also argued that Williams’ allegations prove his true as well.

Laughing how the Skins had the entire league and all of the DMV thinkin all types of nonsense about me with the lies they made up about my injuries in 2016/2017,” Cravens wrote Wednesday. “Keep exposing em Trent! Everybody wanna be quiet now that they know I wasn’t lying lol s– funny. CASE ADJOURNED”.

Is Cravens right? If he is, it just adds to the narrative of Washington’s incompetence. He originally aired his allegations in a series of since-deleted tweets back when the Williams situation first developed, claiming that the team cut off his insurance as well. Williams has since made more significant allegations, inspiring Cravens’ decision to double down.

DC-area brewery makes beer encouraging Dan Snyder to sell Redskins

Redskins logo

A local brewery near the nation’s capital has come up with a clever marketing idea for one of its latest offerings, though the Washington Redskins probably will not appreciate it.

On Tuesday, Harpers Ferry Brewing in Purcellville, Va., announced that it will release a beer this week called “Sell the Team” IPA. The brew is described as “bitter and slightly disappointing like a day at FedEx Field,” and it has a high alcohol content to help get Redskins fans through “another dreadful Sunday.”

As you know, Daniel Snyder is one of the least popular owners in the NFL. The Redskins have had one winning season and made one playoff appearance in the last seven years, and they are 1-8 this season and could wind up with the top overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. They also recently fired their head coach and are facing some extremely troubling allegations from one of their best players.

We usually see bars and breweries supporting their local teams as part of their marketing approach, but Harpers Ferry’s branding decision shows you just how much Redskins fans hate their team at the moment.