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Yu Darvish reveals key reason behind his 2020 improvement

Yu Darvish

Yu Darvish is having the best year of his career so far, and the Chicago Cubs pitcher has a clear reason behind it.

Darvish has always been known for having a wide array of pitches. In 2020, that arsenal appears bigger than ever. He attributed his success to having a pitch for any situation and any matchup issue he faces.

In 50 innings this season, Darvish has struck out 63 and posted a league-leading 1.44 ERA. Whatever he’s doing is working.

The Cubs ace is always working on pitches we’ve never seen before. No wonder he’s gotten it together so well this season.

Yu Darvish planning to stay with Cubs after seeing them comply with social distancing rules

Yu Darvish

Yu Darvish was considering sitting out the 2020 season, but his Chicago Cubs teammates appear to have convinced him not to.

Darvish said Sunday he wanted to see how seriously his teammates were taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and came away impressed enough to tentatively commit to playing.

“I came here making sure everyone is doing the right thing, and then I had it in mind, if they’re not, I was ready to go home,” Darvish said through an interpreter, via Jesse Rogers of ESPN.

Darvish added that their actions — as well as the fact that everyone else on the team appears committed to playing — made his decision easier.

“It was a tough decision but everyone is doing it (playing),” Darvish said. “Everyone has concerns but everyone decided to play so it makes it easier of me to make a decision to play.”

Darvish’s concerns are valid. While players seem to be abiding by MLB’s directives, some definitely haven’t enjoyed it.

Safety is paramount, though, and Darvish is convinced the Cubs are responding accordingly. It appears to be enough to get him to play, and that’s a big deal. The 33-year-old posted a 3.98 ERA last season, and may end up being the staff ace in 2020.

Yu Darvish is using his unusual new pitch during summer camp

Yu Darvish

Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish is known for his wide variety of pitches, and it looks like he’s trying to add his latest work to his in-game arsenal.

According to Cubs pitching coach Tommy Hottovy, Darvish is practicing his new pitch during simulated games. It’s described as a hybrid between a two-seam fastball and a splitter. Darvish refers to it as “the supreme.”

You can actually see the pitch in action in this video. It drops down and to the right, which would almost certainly give hitters on both sides of the plate huge problems if he were to break it out in an actual game.

Darvish posted a 3.98 ERA last year, striking out 229 in 178.2 innings. A pitch like that could certainly improve both of those numbers.

Video: Yu Darvish debuts crazy new pitch

Yu Darvish

Yu Darvish is adding some heat to his repertoire amid the current hiatus.

The Chicago Cubs veteran took to Twitter on Friday to show off a new pitch in his arsenal. The pitch appeared to begin at roughly belt-high before abruptly dropping downward and to the right, a crazy feat for a right-handed pitcher.

“This is supreme,” Darvish wrote in the tweet, according to a rough translation. “I still don’t know how the batter will react.” He also said the pitch clocked in at 150 kilometers per hour (equivalent to about 93 miles per hour).

Darvish is 33 years old now and once had some of the nastiest stuff that MLB hitters had ever seen when he first came over from Japan. But the former AL strikeouts leader underwent Tommy John surgery in 2015 and has looked fairly hittable ever since.

This new pitch from Darvish however could pose a serious problem for batters if he is able to master it and looks fairly similar to the absolutely nasty offering that we saw from another MLB pitcher last season.

Yu Darvish hits 98 mph in first spring start, jokes about taking supplement in offseason

Yu Darvish

Yu Darvish appears to have found the fountain youth with regard to his velocity, and even he seems a little surprised by it.

The Chicago Cubs right-hander touched 98 miles per hour on several pitches during his first start of the spring on Saturday and flashed some nasty swing-and-miss stuff too. Take a look:

After the game, Darvish joked that he was worried he might have taken a supplement over the offseason, per Jesse Rogers of ESPN.

The four-time MLB All-Star Darvish recently turned 33 and is coming off an underwhelming 2019 campaign, going 6-8 with a 3.98 ERA and a league-leading 33 homers allowed. He has four more years left on his deal with the Cubs however, so the increased velocity has to be a welcome sight for them.

Darvish has also been throwing some gas on social media lately, and he could be setting himself up for a nice bounceback year in 2020.

Yu Darvish has hilarious anti-Astros shirt

Yu Darvish

Yu Darvish continues to have a pretty savage response to the fallout from the Houston Astros cheating scandal.

Reporters spotted a T-shirt in front of the Chicago Cubs pitcher’s locker on Friday with a hilarious series of anti-Astros messages on it.

That shirt sounds good, but there is another that is much better.

Darvish lost twice in the 2017 World Series to the Astros, including in Game 7. He posted a 21.60 ERA in that series, and we now know there’s reason to doubt whether that outcome was fair. Darvish certainly does, and those doubts will linger for a long time.

Still, he’s taking the revelations in stride. Not to mention he really seems to enjoy the trash can jokes.

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Yu Darvish delivers savage response to Astros fan on Twitter

Yu Darvish

Yu Darvish has a lot of questions about the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal, but he’s managed to take it in stride despite being one of its biggest victims.

That continued Sunday. Darvish voiced his opinion that the Astros should be stripped of their World Series title in light of the cheating they engaged in. Naturally, some Astros fans on Twitter who were happy to blindly defend their organization’s conduct trolled him on Twitter, with one even sending the pitcher a photo of the World Series trophy.

Darvish had the perfect response to that.

Darvish didn’t shy away from other trolls. Some even sent him images of Yuli Gurriel making a racist gesture during that World Series, and Darvish was entirely unimpressed.

Now with the Chicago Cubs, Darvish has handled this about as well as he could have. He posted a 21.60 ERA in two World Series losses in 2017, and now we know what the Astros were up to during that time. He’d be entirely justified in being angry, and perhaps he is, but he’s also shown off a top notch sense of humor through the ordeal.

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Yu Darvish wants Astros stripped of 2017 title

Yu Darvish

Few players lost more in the 2017 World Series than Yu Darvish. His reputation was significantly hindered by his poor performances in two starts that series, including a horrible outing in the decisive Game 7. Now, given the information that has come to light, he’s feeling a bit differently.

Darvish wondered aloud Sunday why the Houston Astros were not stripped of that title in light of the large-scale cheating they were engaged in at the time. Darvish compared it to Olympic athletes who had their medals stripped after being found to have cheated, and questioned why the Astros were not subject to a similar penalty.

Darvish added that players like Carlos Correa “shouldn’t talk” right now in light of what the Astros were found to have done.

Darvish might be the most prominent player to ask this question so far, but he’s not the first. Stripping the Astros of their title would certainly send a message, though it probably wouldn’t do much more than that. It’s not as if the Dodgers would get the title as a result, and one of their players has made clear they wouldn’t want it that way anyway.

Darvish, now with the Chicago Cubs, has managed to keep his sense of humor over the whole thing. You can’t blame him for wondering about things like this, though.

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Yu Darvish wants to know if Astros were stealing signs against him

Yu Darvish

The 2017 World Series has long haunted Yu Darvish, and the findings revealed this week have him asking questions. Namely, Darvish wonders whether the Houston Astros were stealing signs against him.

Darvish was knocked out of both his World Series starts — including the critical Game 7 — before the second inning. Him getting hit so hard was surprising considering he dominated in two earlier postseason starts for the dodgers, which came against Arizona and the Cubs.

The explanation from Houston’s side was that Darvish was tipping pitches, but the pitcher never bought that explanation.

“A couple of Astros players told me I was tipping pitches, but now it comes out they were stealing signs. Was I tipping, or were they stealing?” Darvish asked at a Cubs fan event on Friday, via ESPN’s Jesse Rogers.

Darvish isn’t putting all the blame on the stolen signs, though. He acknowledges he wasn’t at his best.

“I know they were stealing signs, but at the same time, I was not good during the World Series,” he said.

Ever since the Astros allegations emerged, Darvish seemed to feel vindicated. Game 7 of the World Series took place at Dodger Stadium, but there was a report suggesting how Houston may have also been able to relay signs on the road. In other words, Darvish’s reason for being skeptical may be warranted.

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Yu Darvish sends perfect tweet after Astros get penalties for cheating

Yu Darvish

Yu Darvish continues to demonstrate he has an elite sense of humor.

The Chicago Cubs pitcher was on the mound for Games 3 and 7 of the 2017 World Series for the Dodgers and was hit hard by the Houston Astros both times, losing both games. That came after he was dominant in wins over the Diamondbacks and Cubs earlier in the postseason, too.

Many were perplexed by the dominant ace getting pounded by Houston in the World Series, and only accusations of him tipping pitches could explain Houston’s success in those games.

In light of the penalties against the Astros being announced on Monday, Darvish sent a funny tweet suggesting the Dodgers might celebrate themselves as World Series champs (MLB’s statement declared the Astros cheated in the postseason). Of course, Darvish poked fun at himself with a “Yu Garbage” mention.

Darvish and the Dodgers have never accepted Houston’s suggestion that the pitcher was tipping his pitches. Darvish wondered if the Astros had a way of cheating on the road. He was made out to be the goat of the World Series, but as time goes on, it seems more and more that he may have just been wronged by a cheating Astros team.