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#pounditSaturday, June 25, 2022

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Zdeno Chara Rides his Bike to Bruins’ Championship Parade in Boston (Video)

The Boston Bruins have been soaking in their Stanley Cup victory over the Vancouver Canucks going on a world tour. They racked up over a $150,000 tab at Club Shrine Saturday night, showed up at Fenway Park on Sunday, and attracted over a million people to their team parade Saturday. The best part of the parade had to be Zdeno Chara riding his bike to and from the celebration. Check out the video captured by directorman12:

Chara riding his bike is somewhat of a metaphor for the Bruins’ down-to-earth, humble team. It also is representative of another interest of Chara’s: cycling. He’s been biking since he was a kid.

In an interview with the Boston Globe last year, Chara explained that his dad “was a physical therapist and masseuse for a cycling team. I helped him out and the guys in his club put a bike together for me. That’s how I first got started riding.” He says he likes to ride his bike around town to get groceries and site see rather than drive a car. I know this used to be his mentality, but after winning the Stanley Cup you can’t help but wonder if his method of transportation will change now that he’s a celebrity in the city. Hopefully it won’t.

Video: Zdeno Chara Drinks Coke on Bench

Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara missed Game 2 of the team’s first-round playoff series against the Canadiens because of dehydration. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because this is the same hockey player who thinks chugging a bottle of Coke during a game is a good idea. Check out the video:

So what’s going on here? Is Chara getting paid by Coca Cola to pimp their product? Is he just the anti Paul Pierce? I demand answers!

Montreal Launching Police Investigation into Zdeno Chara Hit on Max Pacioretty

We all know the people of Canada take their hockey seriously. When someone gets injured as a result of what Canadiens fans consider to be a cheap shot, some sort of repercussion is expected. As you can probably imagine, Canadiens fans were not happy when the NHL decided not to fine nor suspend Zdeno Chara for this hit on Max Pacioretty, which left the 22-year-old with a fractured vertebra and severe concussion.

Being upset is one thing, but do the police really need to get involved?  According to the Montreal Gazette, via Barstool Sports, Montreal police have launched an official investigation into the hit Chara put on Pacioretty.  Wow.  Assault charges have been handed down for hockey hits before, but am I the only one who actually saw what happened?

If the hit Pacioretty took happened two feet to the left or right, we wouldn’t even be talking about it.  Unless you think Chara is the most accurate head-hunter in the history of athletic competition, you can’t honestly say his intention was to nearly decapitate Pacioretty on the turnbuckle that jets out next to the team benches.  Watch the tape.

Said Pacioretty about the incident: “I am upset and disgusted that the league didn’t think enough of (the hit) to suspend him. I’m not mad for myself, I’m mad because if other players see a hit like that and think it’s okay, they won’t be suspended, then other players will get hurt like I got hurt.”

Lock him up.  Bread and water for the next two years.

Zdeno Chara Check Knocks Out Max Pacioretty (Video)

File this one under freak accident. Unless Zdeno Chara has pin-point accuracy in his attempts to hurt other players and knows how to use the structure of the rink to injure people, there’s no way the hit he put on Montreal’s Max Pacioretty during Tuesday night’s Bruins-Habs game was intentional. Canadiens fans will certainly argue otherwise, but watch the footage.  Fortunately, Pacioretty is said to be okay after the hit.  Check out the Zdeno Chara-Max Pacioretty knockout video, courtesy of NESN:

Chara was given a five-minute major, but only because Pacioretty was hurt so badly.  Had the same play happened at any other spot on the ice, the result would not have been a disaster and Chara may have even avoided a penalty.  We’re all glad Pacioretty is okay and nobody ever wants to see something like that happen, but it would be a shame to see the NHL suspend Chara for an unfortunate coincidence. The main thing we should learn from this incident is that the NHL needs to pad the area that separates the team benches. With guys flying around at such high speeds, it’s not safe to have rock solid glass and steel jetting out from the bench area. This injury is a tough way to figure that out.

Don’t **** With Zdeno Chara

I haven’t followed the Boston Bruins much since they got rid of my boy Joe Thornton, but I know they acquired Zdeno Chara and subsequently signed him to a free agent deal. And this much I know about Chara: he’s 6’9″, 251lbs, and he’s 100% Czech. Oh yeah, and if you mess with him, bad things happen. Just ask David Koci (warning, this video is not for the light at heart):

Koci making a donation to the Red Cross = greatest line EVA. I’m guessing a few of Chara’s punches landed on both Koci’s helmet and face, and that’s why Chara was examining his hand afterwards, and why Koci’s face was so bloody. Whatever. Lesson be learned: don’t *** with Zdeno Chara.

(Thanks to FanHouse for the vid)