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#pounditSunday, February 25, 2024

Holly Sonders racy tennis video goes viral

Holly Sonders

A video Holly Sonders posted on Instagram during the week went viral. The video involves her interpretation of tennis.

In the video, Sonders has some strategically-placed tennis balls covering areas of her body. The rest is left up to your imagination.

The video is captioned, “I push limits. I create art. I make money. And I don’t mind getting kicked out of your country club.”

We’re guessing that video would get Sonders accepted at many more country clubs than kicked out of.

Sonders, who used to cover golf for Golf Channel and FOX Sports, seems right at home with tennis as well. She seems to enjoy using the sport for props. Sonders is currently dating Oscar De La Hoya and giving him facials.

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