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#pounditTuesday, July 23, 2024

Lou Williams sets Shannon Sharpe straight after two girlfriends criticism

Lou Williams

Lou Williams had to set Shannon Sharpe straight after being accused of “snitching” on fellow athletes over their relationship statuses.

Williams was shouted out in 2015 in a Drake song for having two girlfriends. In a great SI profile on him that was published Thursday, Williams was asked about his girlfriend situation and said that players having two girlfriends is more common than you think.

Sharpe, now a host for FOX, took issue with that statement and called out Williams for snitching and creating problems for other athletes who will now have to answer questions. Williams responded via Twitter and told Sharpe to “cut it out.”

Williams is exactly right. The whole difference between having two girlfriends and having two girls (a girlfriend and girl on the side) is that they both know each other in the girlfriend situation and are OK with it. The kind of situation Sharpe is talking about is a cheating situation, which wouldn’t apply to what Williams is describing.

At least Williams’ response to Sharpe was a lot more tame than others we’ve seen in the past.

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