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#pounditWednesday, March 29, 2023

Floyd Mayweather claims he is coming out of retirement next year

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has gone into and come out of retirement more than Michael Jordan, Brett Favre and Roger Clemens combined. And now the retired boxer says he is coming out of retirement yet again.

Mayweather shared a photo on Instagram Thursday night of him sitting next to Dana White courtside for Wednesday’s Clippers-Celtics game. He said in the post that he and White were working together on a big event for 2020.

Mayweather then shared a second post in which he said he was coming out of retirement in 2020.

If you know anything about Mayweather’s career, there’s plenty of reason to hold back any excitement. The last time Mayweather claimed he was coming out of retirement, he ended up in a publicity stunt in Japan.

Mayweather is more of a promoter now than a fighter. His last boxing match was in 2017 against Conor McGregor, who is an MMA fighter by profession. Mayweather’s last real fight came in 2015. There is no reason to believe the 42-year-old is coming out of retirement for anything other than a P.R. stunt.

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