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#pounditMonday, July 22, 2024

Notre Dame has no positive COVID-19 tests despite fans storming field

Brian Kelly

Notre Dame students and fans have drawn criticism for their decision to storm the field following Saturday night’s upset win over Clemson, but the school has yet to learn of any consequences from the celebration.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly told Mike Greenberg on ESPN Radio Wednesday that players and staff had been tested for COVID-19 twice. There were no positive results.

“We had a very celebratory ending to our game. And we certainly, you know, needed to know that we were going to be good,” Kelly said, via Riley Gates of 247 Sports. “We’ve had two tests; we passed all of our testing on Sunday and again on Tuesday, so that’s a really good sign. But we’ll test again Thursday and we’ll test on Friday. So, you know, that’s always hanging over you.”

Kelly added that the circumstances made it difficult for Notre Dame to prevent fans from rushing onto the field. He did not openly endorse nor condemn the celebration.

It’s unclear if any students have tested positive for COVID-19, but we know Notre Dame officials are not pleased with the celebration. The school is threatening students with holds on their accounts if they leave the South Bend area before being cleared.

Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book spoke about the experience this week, and he seemed to have mixed emotions.

In any event, the Irish have to feel good about beating the top team in the country and establishing themselves as a national championship contender.

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