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#pounditThursday, March 30, 2023

Tyron Woodley gets Jake Paul tattoo on fitting body part

Tyron Woodley made good on his agreement to get a Jake Paul tattoo. He put the fresh ink on a very fitting body part.

Woodley shared video on social media Monday of him getting the tattoo done. The tattoo says “I love Jake Paul.” Woodley got it done on his middle finger, likely as an F-you to Paul.

Here’s the video of him getting the tattoo done:

Paul beat Woodley via split decision in a boxing match on Aug. 29. It was the first pro boxing fight for Woodley, who is a former UFC champion.

Paul told Woodley that he needed to get an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo in order to be granted a rematch. However, since Woodley took his time getting the tattoo, Paul started exploring other possible fights.

It’s unclear whether Paul will give Woodley the rematch. But Paul didn’t waste time teasing Woodley about needing the money from a rematch.

Woodley earned $2 million in base pay for his fight with Paul, plus a cut of the pay-per-view sales.

Paul, 24, is 4-0 as a pro boxer and has beaten former MMA stars in consecutive boxing matches.

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