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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Stories by gpjohn:

Steroids in Baseball Don’t Matter

This is written by site contributor, John Ramey. Ramey works at KNX 1070 in Los Angeles as a sports anchor and web editor. He’s also an accomplished musician.

Pacman Suspension Is Wrong

The following piece has been written by featured contributor, John Ramey 
Let me first disclose I am no Pacman Jones fan.

I’m so over Steroids in Baseball

Contributing writer John Ramey explains why he’s heard enough of the traditionalist’s argument that steroids are ruining baseball.

Letters To Raoul Duke

Duke –
The MGM is giving the Bears seven. I have been struck with a revelation.
The Angel Gabriel revealed unto me this:
“Take the Sex Cannon and the Points.”
That is all.

Letters to Raoul Duke

Duke –
I’ve been struck with limitless optimism and near heretical visions of circumstances heretofore unprecedented in light of the unlikeliest of unliklies having happened ( P.W.

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