Barry Bonds Voicemails to Kimberly Bell Released, Will be Used by Prosecutors

The government is preparing for its perjury case against Barry Bonds and some of its evidence has been released. Last week we told you that Bonds’ increased head and foot size is going to be used by prosecutors. We’ve always known that ex-girlfriend Kimberly Bell was going to help the prosecutions case, but now is the first time the contents of Bonds’ voicemails to her have been made public.

Quite honestly, if you read through Lance Williams’ breakdown of some of the voicemails on California Watch, you’ll be shocked to discover what a nice and compassionate guy he can be. In some of the voicemails he talks about buying gifts for people, and in many instances he’s taking care of his family. He also comes across as loving and concerned about Bell. But at some point their relationship changes, and Bonds becomes threatening and uses nasty language towards Bell. It’s those 11 voicemails that prosecutors will use in court to show Bonds’ rage.

Here is the written transcript of those 11 voicemails:

Voicemail 1: Hey Girl…where you at? … yoo hoo…Hey baby…um….I am free tomorrow..I’m um…oh s***, I gotta go do…no I’m not free tomorrow. Um, cause I have to go get this stuff out of storage for (inaudible) just in the afternoon. Um, but the family leaves tomorrow, so I’m free, free, free and I’m going to check on you tomorrow, so … make sure you ain’t doing nothing that you ain ‘t supposed to be doing girl . .. and I will .. . I’ve got to run an errand today ’cause I’ve got to run down to Santa Cruz to drop off a gift for Glenn Allen Hill, ’cause he just had a kid, so I’m dropping off a gift to him, so I’ll be doing that this afternoon. And right now I’m on my way to see the President, So . .. I ain’t playin’, don’ t be doing nothing you ain’t supposed to be

Voicemail 2: Yo, hey, I just called your work. It’s 12:46 … umm … I’ll call you a little later after I do this commercial shoot, but they said you were gone, so you better explain to me where the f*** you are

Voicemail 3: Kim . .. it’s 6:36 … now, I done called three limes. You … I mean you can’t even explain it mother’ … I’m pissed, ’cause I already called you at work so you’re not at ******* work either!

Voicemail 4: Yo … Yo … pick up the phone … Kim? Where’d you go? Umm, well I’ll talk to you tomorrow then. But didn’t nobody tell you to ******* go nowhere!

Voicemail 5: B: Yo, Kim! … I’m starting to get upset… very upset…Where in the f*** are you

Voicemail 6: Pick it up. Where are you? I’ll talk to you tomorrow. You said you weren’t going anywhere! I’m pissed

Voicemail 7: F*****, where you at? Hey, bitch I’ll go … hey, let me tell you one thing … Make sure whenever you gel this check … or you’d better get a certified check from this dude, whoever’s buying this ****ing car because you don’t want to get a bounced check and then try to catch this mother****** and he took your car and your s*** bounced. So, be careful when you do this s*** So, where the f*** are you at

Voicemail 8: What up girl? Hey, glad you got the check. Make sure you do right by it, all right? Make sure you do exactly what I tell you to do with it. Make sure you take care of that first and last month’s rent. Get yourself ahead. Make sure you pay $1,000 towards that taxes. And if you have to, call them … you know, call the people up and say you want to, you know make a … pay it up in advance, and that will knock down the interest and everything else too. And you’ re payments as well … and … if you need something else … I already know what you need .. . some **** ****
but other than that, you know, if something comes up, reach out and touch me. All right? I …know if you hear my voice, you gonna play this message in the bathtub, huh? You know … you know … it’s on … but glad that everything could be worked out. Told you … true friends take care of. .. true friends. Peace, I’m outta here

Voicemail 9: Kim, I just paged you … now I’m pissed. F*** it, I don’t give a **** what, you better just find me. Well, why don’t you just page me, however, I’ll find you. But if I page you, your *** better drop every ****ing thing and call me back

Voicemail 10: Hey … girl, where you at? I paged you too, so that means you’ re up to something you ain’t supposed to. Now I’m pissed

Voicemail 11: Hey, where you at? You supposed to be at work. I called up there, they said you’re not in today. How you taking a Friday off’? And how many times are you supposed to take a day off unless this ***’s important. .. or tor me! You page me. I won’t be able to get back to you until later, but… I’m on my way to the ballpark, so umm … I want to hear why you’re not at work

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  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    Wow he must have come off a fresh injection session at the gym to have that much rage.

    Its still pretty comical that the government is wasting taxpayers dollar on using these transcripts to prove perjury and if he used steroids. Are there not more important things to be worrying about in society?

  • James Rendon

    This Bonehead has to be the most Ignorante Mother F—er in America No HOF for the lying druggy. Does not respect anything even his wife.

  • Anonymous

    how does this say Barry Bonds took steroids. His girl wasnt answering the phone she wasnt at work, um I would be mad also. I am sorry who cares if he got big from head to toe from early in his carrer to 2005. College football players get real big over the off season so um what does that matter.

  • Anonymous

    the goverment is full of crap. bill clinton lied under oath yet they would not impeach him, but let allegations come up against bond amd the democrats would try to lynch him because he is a successful black man.THE DEMOCRATS FULL OF EX KLANSMEN AKA BYRD FROM WEST VIRGINIA

  • Anonymous

    The prosecution hasn’t readily proved anything to date so now they’re releasing tapes of phone calls to his mistress…..what a crock.
    I’ve been a fan of Barry’s going back to his college days and I’d be the first to admit he’s probably not been forth coming with the truth but his detractors have nothing concrete to go on or they would’ve nailed him four, five years ago.
    Regardless to the outcome, his accomplishments prior to his suspect “juice” years warrant his being in the Hall and when all is said in done, in time, he’ll get in.
    He’ll probably get nailed for perjury and be subject to some embarrasssing testimony and little else.
    Arrogant he is but few superstars aren’t……..not the ending I’m sure he nor his father Barry senior envisioned for him when he was putting together a surefire HOF resume prior to this mess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lorenzo-L-Johnson-Sr/1082838876 Lorenzo L. Johnson Sr.

    NONE77 I agree with you! If you pull everyman phone transcript in America more than 75% would be cheating with someone! America stop your selective Racism!!!

  • Anonymous

    they pinpiont one black successfull athlete and try to blow it out the water and missed so now they come up with these phone conversation tapes… leave the man alone he doesnt play anymore and he should be a hof his numbers back him,if he juiced to getm well in bb what big hitter hasnt i know not all do but probaly more then not juicen,so my opionion leave barry alone and focus on playing athletes rather then retired,play on player play on!!! go barry go barry its your bday its your bday…

  • Anonymous

    Really……This is all the government has to do? Barry Bonds…….Really? Unless they have a sample they will never prove anything. Can we focus on why gas prices are so ridiculously high. Let’s prosecute those crimminals who are robbing American Taxpayers and getting rich. Exxon, Mobile, BP!!!!! REALLY…..Barry Bonds? He can afford to buy gas!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is bullshit……. I dont care what he told some groupeee…. Hell every athlete done had one…. They should pull Wilt Chamberland call log……. what does paying some chicks rent have to do with baseball….. Congress needs to be worried about the american people not a fucken call log…..