Carlos Zambrano Blows Another Gasket

Looks like our annual Carlos Zambrano meltdown has taken place, only a little later in the season than usual. Three years ago Zambrano got into a fight in the dugout with catcher Michael Barrett. Last year, Big Z was ejected for bumping an umpire and beating up a gatorade cooler. This year, Zambrano went ape in the dugout after the first inning against the White Sox. He was upset that Derrek Lee had missed a ground ball by Juan Pierre that turned into a double and led to a four-run first for the White Sox. Here’s the Carlos Zambrano meltdown video. It’s another classic:

Typically I’d like to defend Zambrano, but man, anyone can tell by watching that video that the dude is a nutjob. He was talking to himself, yelling at anyone in sight, and acting like an all-around jerk. I know that fiery edge makes him good but it also makes him volatile and it was not in a good way this time.

Video Credit: YouTube user Bcreger5150

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  • SpinMax

    Classic! “I know that Lee didn’t throw that 3 run homer to Carlos Quentin”

  • JS

    If Carlos can ice skate he could replace Dustin Byfuglien. Big body to park himself in front of the net and woe to anyone who cheap shots Toews or Kane.

    Looks like new owner Tom Rickets will have to dump Zambrano and eat a huge salary.

  • Erin Redmond

    I was there, he is such a nut job. Kudos to Lee though for being a class act and letting Big Z have his temper tantrum. This also landed him an indefinate suspension from the club…was it really worth it Zambrano?

  • johnny jihadist

    102+ years!…irrelevant franchise…move along, nothing to see here…this is the equivalent of making a news story out of some random, overpaid member of the washington generals blowing a gasket

  • joyce

    i always liked watching big z pitch,but this year he is terrible and he needs to be traded. kudos to derrick lee for letting him vent.