Delmon Young made one of the worst throws you will ever see

Being in San Francisco and without a DH for Game 1 of the World Series, the Tigers had Delmon Young play the outfield for the first time in 52 days in order to keep his bat in the lineup. Now you can see why they rarely let him play the field.

Young, who typically serves as the designated hitter for Detroit, absolutely butchered a throw home during the fourth inning.

Young’s spike of a throw came on Barry Zito’s two out single to drive in Brandon Belt from second. I dunno, maybe he thought the play was a third. Because if it were, Young would have nailed the runner with a one-hopper. Instead, he practically threw a ground ball to home. I mean that ball literally hit the ground BEFORE the edge of the outfield grass. Brutal. Now you know why Young rates so lowly in defensive metrics every year.

His pathetic spike throw earned him some jeers from fellow ballplayers. Here’s A’s pitcher Brett Anderson on Twitter:

You honestly have to wonder how a major league player could have committed such an embarrassing play. Ugh.

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  • http://twitter.com/Blabidibla Pete Benson

    wow, I was at the game but to far away in center field to see how bad this was. We were all looking for the ball in the air and couldn’t figure out where it went.

  • Kevin_Indianapolis

    As fans of the Tigers, this clip was a tension breaker for us.  So funny, it broke the tension on our forum messageboard and made us all forget the lousy game.