Dick Enberg blows call on triple in embarrassing fashion (Video)

Dick EnbergDick Enberg is 79 and still doing play-by-play on a daily basis for the Padres, but his old age has been showing for a while.

In the latest example, Enberg totally blew a call Monday night in which he thought a ball hit by Chase Headley went out of the park for a home run against the Rockies, when it clearly hit off the wall and resulted in a 2-run triple.

Enberg has been the play-by-play man on TV for the Padres since 2010 and was probably a little old for the job when he took it. The guy still has a nice voice to listen to, but he does not do the job the way it’s meant to be done.

H/T Jay Posner, video via @lobshots

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