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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Did Tim Lincecum Cut His Hair? No, it’s Just a Pony Tail and Mustache

While some athletes are going long with their hair, Tim Lincecum is changing up his look in a different way. The Cy Young pitcher had his long, stoner/skater hair in a pony tail for Giants media day this week, causing a brief stir amongst folks on the internet (thank you, Tony Reali) who wondered if Timmy had cut his hair. Alas, we found out it was just tied back, but that only drew attention to the next part of the changed look — the stache.

Now baseball players have a long history with the mustache. You have porn staches, good luck staches, and whatever you call this. I’m not sure what you call Lincecum’s look, but I can swear I had some friends in 6th grade who were blooming a bit early and had that going on before exploring the benefits of a razor. I dunno about you, but I’m not exactly digging the Jesus Quintana look.

pic via SB Nation, plus another bonus pic below with more of a close-up side angle.

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