Evan Gattis cost Atlanta Braves with Game 1 errors (Video)

The Atlanta Braves were faced with a difficult task when they drew Clayton Kershaw in Game 1 of the NLDS, and errors from Evan Gattis certainly didn’t help them. Gattis made two bad mistakes in the second inning that hurt his team.

Gattis cost the Braves a run in the second by whiffing on a fly ball from A.J. Ellis that resulted in an RBI double, giving the Los Angeles Dodgers a 2-0 lead. Gattis isn’t a particularly fast player, so he had to lay out for the fly ball and missed the catch.

As if the misplay in left wasn’t bad enough, Gattis burned the Braves in the bottom of the inning, too.

Gattis was on first with one out and Chris Johnson up. Johnson blooped a ball into shallow right that was clearly within Yasiel Puig’s range. But Gattis misjudged the ball and was so far off the bag when Puig caught it that he got doubled off first to end the inning. Below you can see the play and how close to second he was after Puig made the catch:

Evan Gattis Braves

“I got deked,” Gattis said of the play, via ESPN’s David Schoenfield. “I didn’t think he was going to get there. Took a hard step towards second base. Just a mistake.”

Come on, Gattis, that was a bad mistake you can’t make, especially in the playoffs. The only good news is he didn’t approach Brooks Conrad territory. Or, at least he hasn’t yet. I guess this is what the Braves get for playing a catcher in left field since they want him and Brian McCann in the lineup for their bats.

GIF via Chad Moriyama

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  • Paul Otto

    The only truth behind this article is that Gattis made 2 mistakes. To say that he is the reason the Braves lost is flat out ridiculous and poor judgment. Gattis did hurt the team by making those 2 mistakes, but to say that he is the sole reason for the lose is an extremely emotion and illogical decision/call. I would even put money on him making that catch more often then him missing it.

    All that to say, the reason the Braves lost last night was due to a multitude of missed plays and opportunities. How about Elliot’s bobble at second base? How about the 12 strike outs? Or the 2 biggest stats of them all – leaving 7 runners on base and going 1-8 with runners in scoring position. How about the fact that the Braves accounted for a total of 5 hits in which Justin Upton and McCann didn’t get a single one of them?

    Sorry for the rant, and obvious emotion, that fuels this reply, however articles of this nature flat out piss me off. Don’t point out the misfortune of 1 player to lift up the other 8 or entire team. All of them deserve to be blamed for the loss.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Where does it say he is the reason the Braves lost?

  • Paul Otto

    The title of your article alone suggests this.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    He did cost them. Nowhere does it say he is THE reason they lost. But his mistakes cost them. That’s indisputable.