History Is Made: Player Chooses Tampa Bay Rays over NY Yankees

Yes, a headline that will literally make you do a double take. In case there was ever a question, Troy Percival most certainly is not in it to win it. The man already has a ring from his days with the ’02 Angels and apparently he’s not looking to get his other fingers fitted. The recently retired closer who made a comeback mid-season last year, has reportedly spurned the Yankees for perennial AL East cellar-dweller, the Rays (doesn’t feel the same not being able to say Devil anymore). Much more than winning and making the playoffs, it seems like ego is the biggest factor at hand for Percy.

Troy Percival is signing a two-year deal worth $8 million, and possibly up to $10 million with escalators, according to Ken Rosenthal. The decision by Percy “reunites” him with former Angels bench coach, and current Rays manager, Joe Maddon. No doubt that was a key factor for the man. Most importantly, Rosenthal says Percival chose the Rays because they are going to let him close, while the Yanks were asking him to setup for Rivera. Alright Troy, as the first known man to spurn the Yanks in favor of the Rays, I have to guess two factors are at play: ego, and, well, I guess ego. We’ll see how Troy does, considering Al Reyes was pretty damn effective last year. Think he’ll be regretting his decision when he’s trying to get out Jeter, A-Rod, and Matsui next year? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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  • Paul


    Sounds to me like he’s going out doing what he loves: closing. Not being a setup guy for over-the-hill Mariano.

    Kudos to Troy, most of America will be rooting for him this year.

  • SpinMax

    Well he’s already got a title right? If you’re the setup guy for the Yankees you’ll be pitching every other game for 10 million. For the Rays you’ll be pitching once a week for 10 million. Go to the Rays

  • Peter

    I think it’s genius. Since he’s going to be the actual closer, he’s probably not going to pitch as much since the Rays won’t give him that many save opportunities. If he signs for NY as Rivera’s set up guy, he’ll pitch like crazy.

    He’s basically getting the same amount of money from the Rays to do half the amount of work.

  • Mike

    Hindsight sure sucks, don't it, Larry? GO RAYS!!!

  • Mike

    Hindsight sure sucks, don't it, Larry? GO RAYS!!!