Holliday Was Out; Baseball Needs Instant Replay

Though the Rockies season has been incredible, their celebration magnificent, and the momentum in their favor, they never actually won Monday night’s playoff game. Matt Holliday never touched home plate on his dive. In fact, Barrett successfully blocked the plate and tagged him out, producing what should have been an amazing double play. Not to say that the Padres would have gone on to win the game, but just saying there was a bad call. As I stated at FanHouse, baseball needs instant replay for those types of situations. When a playoff berth is at stake, the most precise call possible needs to be made — and usually that’s with the aid of video replay.

So sure, the Rockies had all the momentum and were torching Hoffman, but the game wasn’t over. At the same point, it should be noted that with instant replay, Garrett Atkins would have been awarded a home run in the 7th. A few thoughts on that: how poorly did Hurdle manage the situation by pinch-running for Atkins in the 7th when the game went 13 (even though Carroll delivered the game-winner)? If there’s instant replay, then Atkins does his home run trot an never gets pulled.

Also, Jake Peavy blew it once again in a Padre playoff game. He’s now 0-3 in three post-season starts which he’s lasted 18 innings, given up 29 hits, and 19 earned runs. He has not been clutch by any stretch of the imagination. And finally, props to Trevor Hoffman for speaking to reporters, accepting the blame, and acting classy in what was probably the lowest moment of his career. He should be commended for that.

(photo courtesy Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

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  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    Wouldn’t instant replay prompt Bobby Cox to get thrown out of more games?

  • http://obscuresportsquarterly.wordpress.com Gilbert

    If anything, the home run would have been easier to review in instant replay, because that’s more clear cut.

    Good job in pointing out the home run call went against the Rockies — I’d hate to see people think the Rockies got to the playoffs illegitimately because of the bad call at home (a home run might have meant the game would’ve ended after nine innings, not 13)

  • SpinMax

    For questionable home runs/fan interference/fair foul type hits that
    can be hard to discern, I’m all for it. Same for plays at the plate. Otherwise, nah.

  • Jeff

    With the Atkins homerun, we don’t even go into extra innings, so yes, if instant replay was available, the Rockies celebrate in the 9th instead of the 13th.

  • JS

    Then again, what if Michael Barrett actually catches the ball and applies the tag and shows the ball to the ump?

  • Ryan

    Lets not point out Atkins homerun that got called a double or anything like that. The game should’ve never went to extra innings to begin with. Also, how can you tell with those camera angles if he touched the plate one way or another? I didn’t see Barrett or Bud Black argue the call, in fact Bud Black said he thought he got in there. I’m so sick of this. I wish Holliday would’ve just barrelled over Barrett so the Rockies would finally get some damn respect instead of the top story being whether or not Holliday touched the plate.

  • Ryan

    Sorry, you did briefly point out Atkins homerun. I’m just so sick and tired of the story today not being about the Rockies magnificent run of winning 14 out of 15 down the stretch being discounted because Holliday may or may not have touched homeplate when you could not possibly tell conclusively.

  • Gene

    As usual, you did a very objective job in analyzing that instant replay would probably have cut both ways. The Atkins play could have been called correctly without replay if the left field umpire hadn’t been standing only 25 feet or so from the third base umpire, but had actually been out there in medium depth. The call was made by the second base umpire, who was very far from the left field fence.

    Interesting stat about Jake Peavy. I didn’t realize that he had a prior history of not getting it done in the playoffs. I just chalked his bad outing up to pitching in Denver. I still wonder why Bud Black had him start the 7th inning when he had already thrown 109 pitches. Hasn’t he watched Dusty Baker ruin enough young arms?

    Hoffman was indeed a stand up guy in speaking with reporters. Mike Cameron was a man just for pinch running and then playing center field with his hand all bandaged.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I think instant replay should only be used for close plays at the bases, and for review of potential home runs/ground rule double debates. Good call Spin.