Jonny Gomes blasts sabermetricians in interview after WS (Video)

Jonny GomesJonny Gomes’ first item of business after winning the World Series on Wednesday was blasting the sabermetric community.

Apparently the Boston Red Sox outfielder had some stuff he wanted to get off his chest, and that’s exactly what he did in his interview with FOX’s Ken Rosenthal after the Sox clinched the World Series with a 6-1 win over the St. Louis Cardinals. Gomes tried to recall what were likely some rehearsed lines and came up with this:

“There’s a lot of sabermetrics, there’s a lot of numbers and stuff. The whole WAR stat. But when you go to playoffs, you want me to go to war with.”

Gomes had a 1.2 WAR this season, though he has had a negative WAR at many points throughout his career. He didn’t have the best World Series, but he sure as heck came through with a huge 3-run home run in Game 4 for Boston. And I completely agree, they wouldn’t have won the World Series without him.

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  • Anti5ocial

    Erin Andrews sure looks and sounds a lot like Ken Rosenthal

  • Fever Pitch Guy

    It’s been a rough few years for the Sabermetric community, there’s definitely been the expected backlash as people realize many advanced stats such as WAR are a joke. No such thing as clutch? Tell that to guys like David Ortiz and Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli. Some guys thrive when they are needed the most, and some guys choke.

  • John Sheridan

    How do we know Daniel Nava would not have accounted for twice the number of runs? Nava did better all year and would likely have been better
    than Gomes if he played throughout the series. And for Gomes to say this
    is to make a dig at Nava and his supporters, which is a cheap shot on
    national TV when Nava has been so gracious about being replaced by him
    in these games against right handers. Yes he had one great homer. Awesome moment. But there is no way to know if his replacement would have been better or worse. But we do know that Nava was better all year long, and he was NOT just disrespecting Sabermetrics, he was saying anyone who thought Nava should have played more in the series was wrong and that he was better. I think he was being very arrogant and it was an insult to Daniel Nava just as much as it was to those evil people who believe in numbers……