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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Justin Verlander’s ‘Bringing it’ License Plate, Cocky Much?

They say the car you drive indicates who you are as a person. I say that statement has some truth but it isn’t always correct. One thing about a car that does tell you a lot about a person is their license plate. In the case of Justin Verlander, the Tigers found out his rookie year that he was a cocky mofo. The latest edition of Sporting News Magazine (with Kansas on the cover — we know how that turned out), features a lengthy conversation with Verlander and a sidebar written by Tigers pitcher Jeremy Bonderman who is best friends with Verlander. Bonderman shared this classic story about Verlander:

“His first year with the Tigers, he showed up to spring training and the license plate on his car said “BRNGN IT” — oh, man, we rode him hard for it. He really got an earful from Kenny Rogers and a bunch of our other veterans. That’s one of those things that, as a rookie, you just don’t do.”

Imagine that, here comes some kid with a career record of 21-18 for Old Dominion and no wins to his name at the Major League level, showing up to camp letting everyone know he’s “Bringing it.” Five years, 65 wins, two All-Star games, and 746 strikeouts later, there’s no doubt that Verlander is bringing it. You also get the sense that Verlander’s very serious about his stated goal of making the Hall of Fame. As long as his arm doesn’t fall off you have to figure his chances are pretty fair. For another story about that, Verlander only needs to turn to his buddy Bonderman.

Of course, this story wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the infamous car. Based on some searching around the net, I believe this is it:


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