Kirk Gibson gives ejected Evan Marshall fist bump for hitting Ryan Braun

Kirk Gibson Evan Marshall

Evan Marshall was ejected in the 7th inning of Tuesday’s Diamondbacks-Brewers game for hitting Ryan Braun with a pitch, and Arizona manager Kirk Gibson couldn’t have been prouder.

Marshall needed two pitches to intentionally hit Braun because he threw behind the slugger the first pitch of the at-bat before finally nailing him on the hip with the next pitch. He got a warning after the first pitch and then was tossed after the HBP.

Marshall exited the field to cheers from the crowd and an applause from his teammates in the dugout. And who was there to give him the warmest greeting when he got into the dugout? Gibson, who was on the top step with a fist bump waiting.

Marshall hitting Braun seemed to be retaliation for what Brewers pitcher Kyle Lohse did earlier in the game.

Lohse hit Arizona shortstop Chris Owings with nobody on and nobody out in the sixth inning. He then went/missed high at Mike Bolsinger on a bunt attempt two batters later.

Marshall came in to relieve Bolsinger in the 7th and nailed Braun with men on second and third to load up the bases. Almost as poetic justice, Brad Ziegler immediately gave up a grand slam to Jonathan Lucroy to give the Brewers the lead and game.

Maybe Gibby was just proud of his player for retaliating just the way he wanted. You know Kirk has an edge and loves that sort of thing. Also, don’t forget that Gibson simply dislikes Braun. After the Brewers MVP was punished last season by MLB for the PEDs, Gibson ripped him up and down for being a cheater. That’s probably another reason why this was so satisfying for Gibby.

GIF via Chad Moriyama

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  • Katy L Miller

    Good to know retaliation is more important than winning a game! Keep it classy Arizona!

  • PhxRocker

    The author forgot the plunking of Didi Gregorius, so that makes 3 D-Backs plunked last night, and also Gerardo Parra the night before. This season is already lost, due to the huge hole the D-Backs dug for themselves in April. So with no chance at the playoffs this year, this probably WAS a good time for retaliation.
    Btw- You want to talk classy? How about all those Milwaukee fans that cheer so LOUDLY for Ryan Braun, even though he admitted to cheating, lying about it, and even trying to ruin the life of a lowly specimen delivery driver??!!
    You stay classy Milwaukee!

  • Betty Moose

    Better check your math. Still trying to figure out the 3 D-Bags that were plunked. I see Gregorius (who I don’t think actually got hit by the ball) and Owings. Who am I missing?

    And I am sure you disowned cheering for Daryl Washington for his PED suspension for your beloved Cardinals.

  • PhxRocker

    The three D-Backs plunked were: Gregorious, Owings, and Parra the night before. Additionally, Lohse BARELY missed Bolsinger’s head!
    BTW, you’d better check your facts on D. Washington.
    He was suspended for marijuana use…NOT for PED use. Btw – you DO realize that PED stands for Performance Enhancing Drugs….of which marijuana is definitely NOT!
    So yes, I am against his suspension, especially since marijuana will be legalized for all adults in this country within 6 years!
    Braun, on the other hand, used PED’s, lied about it, and tried to ruin someone else’s life over it….BIG difference!!

  • Mary

    Check YOUR facts, PhxRocker. Braun merely called the sample collector out on mishandling the sample. Which he did. Laurenzi did not follow the chain of custody rules set out by MLB, and he was fired for it. Also, keep in mind that no one in this country would know anything about that situation had it not been leaked. We are only to hear if a suspension is held up following appeal, not if it is overturned, as it was in Braun’s case.