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Monday, April 23, 2018

Korea’s Had Enough of Lima Time

Honestly, when I first saw this story, my initial thought was: Korea has a professional baseball league? Well, apparently they do, considering Jose Lima signed with them and had been playing there. But sadly I must pass along the tragic news that Jose Lima’s run with the Kia Tigers has come to an end. Lima’s squad was only 4-11 on the year and he wasn’t performing too well. According to the East Windup Chronicle — they must be able to read Korean — Lima Time was rocked for eight runs over three and two-thirds in his most recent start. Sounds pretty familiar to me.

If I know anything about Lima Time though, he’ll resurface in the Mexican League and become the first 25-game winner in their league’s history. Then the Rays will try to sign him to a minor-league contract where he’ll beat the Red Sox and Yanks in the same week, go on to win 10 games, and then suck again the following Spring Training. He’s just that sort of dude. So get this: Jeff Weaver signs a minor league deal with the Brewers after being unemployed, Chan Ho Park is back with the Dodgers, Hideo Nomo is in the Royals bullpen, and Odalis Perez is the ace of the Nationals. Yes, that’s 4/5 of the rotation that helped the Dodgers win 93 games and reach the playoffs in ’04 (swap out Chan Ho for Kaz Ishii). And Lima? The only pitcher to win a playoff game for the Dodgers since ’88. Bet that oughta earn you a drink at a bar.

(Story via Ballhype)

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