Madison Bumgarner has words for Yasiel Puig after home run, bat flip (Video)

Yasiel Puig Madison Bumgarner

San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner took exception to the way Yasiel Puig celebrated a home run on Friday night and let the Dodgers outfielder know about it.

Puig broke up Bumgarner’s shutout with a solo shot in the sixth. He did a little bat flip after hitting the homer, put his head down, and then began his trot around the bases. As he rounded third and made his way home, Bumgarner approached him to say something. Puig put his hands out and yelled back, and homeplate umpire Will Little broke it up.

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Shortly thereafter, Don Mattingly was ejected for arguing balls and strikes.

We obviously don’t know what MadBum said to Puig, but I don’t think Puig did anything too disrespectful or out of the ordinary. I mean that bat flip was tame by his standards. That one was more of a MadBum issue than a Puig issue. Pitchers can get sensitive after someone takes them deep.

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  • http://stonesnbones.blogspot.com/ Dr. GS Hurd

    The clips are too short to give any notion of the play.

  • Aquaria

    Obviously, you missed scumbag Puig lolly-gagging around the bases. He was slower than molasses poured on the South Pole.

    Try paying attention, cupcake.

  • Janet Robinson

    It’s always a Puig issue Larry Brown. Ask around…..

  • Leland Dalby

    Yeah, MadBum has a long history of being a dirtbag scum who abides by no law off the field or any rules on the field….oh wait….

  • Real Mountain Dew

    You butthurt from that homerun?

  • Joseph Carver

    Puig is better in his own mind than he is in real life.

  • Webster

    I’m a big Giant’s fan so this doesn’t surprise me. MadBum is kind of an
    angry kid and has mentioned in the past that he’s licking his chops
    waiting for someone to charge him. Probably not a smart attitude to
    have but I like the intensity. He’s also 6’5″, 235 so I doubt he’s
    intimidated by many people, even if Puig looks like he could rip a phone
    book in half. I think it was the combo of the bat flip, the reaaaally
    slow home run trot, and the fact it was Puig. I think pitchers have a
    shorter fuse for guys who are seen as “showing up pitchers” and “show
    boats.” Not agreeing with it, just stating my opinion. Beat LA

  • Youredumb

    You butt hurt about the loss?

  • Youredumb

    Well the guy is dumb. As much talent as he has, he is equally stupid. He should be thankful there is a sport out there where he could make big bucks in it because he probably can’t read beyond a 1st grade level.

  • emma852

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  • Real Mountain Dew

    Yea but you seem to be the one doing all of the crying