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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Matt Holliday Calls into Radio Show to Dispute Host’s Claim that He’s Injury Prone

Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday called into St. Louis radio station KFNS Monday to dispute one of the host’s claim that he’s injury prone.

Holliday missed 38 regular-season games last season and four more during the playoffs. He battled finger, quad and wrist injuries, and also had an appendectomy in April. He even had to leave a game early when a moth flew into his ear.

Prior to the injury-filled season, Holliday played in at least 155 games four of the five previous seasons. That’s why he called into The Press Box to defend his reputation.

Here is the audio where Holliday respectfully challenges the host, leaving him lost for words like Ed Rooney:

I wouldn’t consider Holliday a model of health like, say, Prince Fielder, who has only missed one game the past three years, but calling him injury prone seems inaccurate.

“I think sometimes those things get thrown around a little too loosely based upon maybe their recent memory of me being a little nicked-up the last month of the season,” Holliday said. “But to say I’m injury prone or get hurt all the time, I think is out of line.”

The host admitted he was wrong and apologized for his poor characterization. The ironic part is that the player the host wanted the Cardinals to add, Carlos Beltran, has missed 199 games over the past three regular seasons because of injuries.

Hey, at least we can always count on pundits to do their preparation before speaking, right?

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