Sports Apparel Company Suing San Francisco Giants Over Logo

We have a category here at LBS entitled “frivolous lawsuits,” and this definitely applies. SF Weekly reports that a sports apparel company in Hayward, Ca. is suing the Giants for stealing their logo. Follow me on this one.

The Giants have been using their San Francisco script logo on uniforms and merchandise since 1993, but they never registered the logo. Gogo Sports specializes in knock offs, and registered the logo in March. MLB tried to trademark the logo a month later, but was told a similar design already existed.

MLB and Gogo Sports have gone back-and-forth over the issue. MLB is telling Gogo to stop using the logo, while Gogo is saying they have trademark rights to it. The Giants are in a good position to win the suit because federal law protects unregistered trademarks. Anyone with common sense agrees. The person who sued the Yankees for stealing their logo fails to see the issue.

H/T to Splash blog

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GFNOKYKIAOVGYQRC7QHHQEOJYM Ultra-Humanite

    Since when did common sense have anything to do with laws?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MOWSRXHCKKVUZZRAAAWMQ4P2A4 Gail

    the giants logo much better,  mybe that why that company is cring around. yes they both say san franciso but there not the same, i say give the giants their trademark and the other ones a shame on you for cheating in the first place.