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Monday, June 18, 2018

Terry Francona Rocks Popeye “Blow Me Down” Shirt During Interview (Picture)

LBS readers already know how I feel about the Terry Francona situation in Boston.  Simply put: I think Terry got the shaft.  He deserved to be fired after what happened with the Red Sox in September, but he did not deserve to be the fall guy for it.  Ownership has handled the situation in a cowardly manner and has done a horrendous job of showing appreciation for a guy who is probably the most successful manager in Red Sox history.

That being said, I hope it isn’t a coincidence that Tito has his arms covering the “Down” part of this Popeye “Well Blow Me Down” shirt he was rocking during an interview with WBZ-TV.  We all know Terry is a closet muscle head which makes the shirt funny enough in itself, but the way it is presented here is just priceless. Coincidence? I hope not.

Fist pound to Deadspin for capturing the hilarious moment.

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