Video: Milton Bradley Loses Track of Outs, Throws Ball into Stands

We’re only at mid-June and Milton Bradley is already checking some items off his “things to accomplish” list in his first year with the Cubs. He’s already had a confrontation with an umpire resulting in a suspension, missed a third of the games because of a nagging injury, and now he’s lost count of the outs and thrown the ball into the stands Larry Walker-style. Check out his screwup in this highlight reel:

Bradley says he could tell something wasn’t right and even justified things by saying at least his heart was in the right place (he was giving a souvenir). Bright side is at least he got two hits and drove in a run. The downside, Cubs fans have another two and a half years of these antics.

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  • Anders(on) Varejao

    I’m probably the only guy in America who loves Milton.

    It probably stems from the fact that I hated Jeff Kent so much and Milt and he almost threw down while they were on the Dodgers.

    Milton Bradley is the best.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I like Milton too and think he’s a good players but it’s hard to keep defending him when he does such boneheaded things all the time and never stays healthy. I think I had enough with him after the umpire incident in San Diego.

  • Gene

    Wow, Milton can count to ten million (his annual salary) but not to three. Maybe somehow Milton can blame this on racism just like he has all of his other problems.

  • JS

    I want to see Bradley misplay a fly and then toss a ball in the stands with two out and runners on base when Zambrano is on the mound !

  • Gene

    That would be a confrontation worth watching, to be sure.

  • KB

    At least he’s throwing baseballs and not bottles into the stands.

    I think it shows Bradley is growing as a human being……lol