Why Didn’t Bruce Bochy Use Any of the Giants’ Starting Pitchers in All-Star Game?

You know how we roll at LBS. When we seem some b.s., we call b.s. And Giants manager Bruce Bochy naming three of his starting pitchers to the NL All-Star team was a total homer move. It’s not the first time a manager has picked his own players to join the All-Star team when other players were more deserving, but it was a pretty blatant abuse of powers. Even though two of the Giants were on our list of NL players who should have been left off the roster, we lived with Bochy’s decisions. But the crap he pulled managing the NL squad was inexcusable.

In case you missed it, Bochy did not use any of his starting pitchers during the game. That’s right, he put 60% of his starting rotation on the squad and didn’t use of one of them. Naturally you’re asking if his pitchers had proper rest to be able to pitch. Here’s the breakdown:

    - Matt Cain pitched Sunday, so he was ineligible
    Tim Lincecum pitched Saturday, he could have gone an inning
    Ryan Vogelsong pitched Friday, he should have been able to pitch an inning

For comparison, let’s look at the starters of other NL teams he decided to use instead:

    - Cliff Lee pitched Saturday, threw 1.2 innings in the All-Star Game
    Kevin Correia pitched Saturday, did not pitch in All-Star Game
    Roy Halladay pitched Friday, started and went two innings
    Clayton Kershaw pitched Thursday, went one inning
    Jair Jurrjens pitched Wednesday, went 1.2 innings

Bochy could say that Lee and Halladay came up to him and asked to pitch in the game, while Lincecum and Vogelson asked not to pitch, but that still doesn’t make it excusable. Please tell me why it’s alright for Bochy to burn the arms of every other pitcher in the N.L. but not his own. Tim Lincecum is a two-time Cy Young winner. You telling me fans didn’t want to see him more than Tyler freaking Clippard?

MLB won’t address this with Bochy because they’re so chicken**** they still haven’t even included instant replay in the game, but they should. If Bochy is going to abuse his powers as the manager by adding all his guys on the roster, he darn well better make them play equally. This is absolutely inexcusable.

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  • Lew Patton

    Good points. Here is my question: There is a rumor Derek Jeter gets 5 mil for being an All-Star. Did he get that money for not showing up for the game? If so, he should donate it to charity.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Larry (not to be confused with Larry Brown, long time Philadelphia 76ers coach of the same name?) you are the only person in the media who has had the balls to point this out. I live in the Philly area, love my local teams, and have been bitchin’ about BOCHY all day to my friends. Bochy is such a weasel to have used Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, the only 2 Phillies pitchers that he could use in the game. So my man Halladay pitched 2 inning (the AL starter only pitched 1 inning, so he wouldn’t be worne out and have to miss his next start) and because of that Roy’s next start will be pushed back 2-3 day. Then Bochy put Cliff Lee in (of course he mowed down 3 batters in a row in his first inning) and then Bochy made him pitch the 4th inning also even thought every other pitcher in the All-Star game (except Halladay) only pitched 1 inning….. And to top it off, he DID NOT ask any of his San Francisco Giants starters (only his closer Wilson threw, and it was only 7 pitches) no other Giant pitcher threw even a single pitch. So please keep talking about this, I think it is a really good storyline to follow since we all know the Phillies are the favorite to win the NL pennant and clearly Bochy to the oportunity to give his own team a rest while at the sametime putting extra ware-and-tear on his greatest  oponent, the Philadelphia Phillies. So Bochy has got to be kidding me if he claims that he didn’t do that on purpose to ware out the Phillies top 2 pitchers. WHAT A WEASEL Bruce Bochy is.