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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Brian Scalabrine does not want Mickael Pietrus to touch him (Video)

While many will look at the video above and see Mickael Pietrus rudely interrupting Brandon Bass’ Game 7 postgame interview, something else about the moment struck me as hilarious. Is it just me, or does Brian Scalabrine not want Pietrus touching him? This video appears to have been shot well after the game ended and the players showered and changed, so I can’t imagine it would be an issue of being sweaty or smelling bad. But make no mistake about it, Scalabrine was pissed Pietrus put his arm around him.

After thanking Celtics fans for their dedication, Pietrus then thanked Comcast Sports Net’s Mike Gorman and Scalabrine, but he used Gorman’s name and came off like he didn’t even know who Scalabrine was. Pietrus is known for saying crazy things, so the interruption is not that unusual for those of us who know him. The interactions between him and Scalabrine, however, were a bit awkward

Thanks to Ball Don’t Lie for sharing the video


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