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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dan Gilbert’s plane increases speculation about LeBron James returning to Cavs

Dan-GilbertOnly in 2014 could the tracking information for an NBA owner’s private jet lead to speculation about free agency.

On Sunday morning, Cleveland sports radio host Joe Lull tweeted that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was on his way to South Florida. Naturally, everyone took that to mean he was going to meet with LeBron James.

Gilbert could have been going to meet with another free agent like Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade. He also could have just felt like taking a trip to Florida, and he wouldn’t be the first tourist to do so.

Shortly after Lull’s tweet went viral, Gilbert claimed he was home in his backyard.

That didn’t put an end to the buzz. Somehow, various resourceful Twitter users got a hold of Gilbert’s plane registration info and were able to track it using the website FlightAware.com. While there is no way to prove that Gilbert was actually on the plane, it can be confirmed that the plane did indeed fly to Florida on Sunday.

Not only that, but SB Nation pointed out that another savvy interneter took note of the fact that the plane flew to Indiana when the Cavs reportedly met with Gordon Hayward and to New Jersey, where Kyrie Irving grew up, when Irving signed his extension.


You’re still not sold?! For those of who you like to rely on ESPN, Brian Windhorst and Marc Stein reported on Monday morning that the Cavs believe LeBron is “legitimately listening to their pitch” and is giving actual consideration to returning to Cleveland. After re-signing Irving and drafting Andrew Wiggins, the Cavs believe they have the youth and stability James is looking for.

Of course, there was that whole “The Decision” thing and the nasty letter Gilbert wrote about LeBron after he left. But as we have learned so many times in professional sports, people tend to forgive and forget. While we still expect LeBron to return to the Heat, a Cavs reunion might be the one alternative that makes sense. Winning a championship somewhere like Chicago or Houston would do no more for LeBron’s legacy than winning more rings in Miami. Returning to his home state to make amends for “The Decision” would be the ultimate narrative.

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