Jim Rome asks David Stern if draft lottery was fixed, Stern asks Rome if he has stopped beating his wife (Audio)

Most people feel as though asking NBA commissioner David Stern if the draft lottery was fixed is a fair question. The Hornets did not have the odds in their favor before their ping-pong ball was selected, and conspiracy theorists feel as though it is not coincidence that New Orleans won the top pick and happens to be the only team owned by the league. When Stern made an appearance on the Jim Rome Show on Wednesday, Rome had no choice but to ask him the obvious question on everyone’s minds — including various league executives. Stern sounds like he is fed up with talking about it.

“I have two answers for that,” Stern said. “I’ll give you the easy one: No, and shame on you for asking.”

Rome then said he understood why Stern would say that to him but that it is his job to ask because people are wondering. Whether you like Rome or not, he’s right. Stern disagrees.

“Have you stopped beating you wife yet?” Stern then asked Rome, prompting Rome to tell him that’s not fair to say because people truly do believe the lottery was fixed. “They think it because people like you ask silly questions. I expect it to be written about.”

Stern didn’t actually mean Rome beats his wife, he was just trying to express that he felt it was a loaded question. He said people would have accused the lottery of being fixed had the Bobcats won because he’s friends with Michael Jordan, or if Brooklyn won because they just moved there from New Jersey. However, cynics have argued that the NBA used the top pick as a selling point for the league-owned Hornets. As in, “This is a great investment because you now have a phenomenal young talent to start with.”

Rome later addressed the tense interview on his CBS TV show “Rome,” and said he thought he was giving Stern a softball question.

“I was not looking to start anything,” Rome said, per Sherman Report. “I thought it was a softball question, to be honest. I thought it was an easy question. I thought he’d say, ‘Come on, are you kidding? Conspiracy theories? The only people who believe that are whack jobs and people that are out of hand.’”

Rome was surprised with the reaction he received.

“We’ve always had a very good relationship,” Rome said of his relationship with Stern. “It’s been kind of a contentious give-and-take at times, but always a fundamental level of respect. I did not expect that to go that way and that was certainly not my intent.

“My point is, I don’t think that it’s fixed (the NBA Draft). Even after that conversation, I don’t think that it’s fixed. But I thought the question was fair.”

Typically I don’t care for Rome because he’s willing to engage in nonsense like this, but he would not have been doing his job if he didn’t ask about the draft lottery. The speculation is out there, and it’s his job to ask his guests the questions listeners want to hear. Whether it was rigged or not, Stern’s defensiveness makes him sound more guilty.

Thanks to Faux John Madden for sharing the audio with us

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VGWAT2KOLYERNZGXX33G4J72WM clownbaby

    Arenas Gun Incident: Embarrasses the Team & League: Washington wins the pick.
    Lebron Decision: Embarrasses the Team & League: Cleveland wins the pick.
    Chris Paul Trade Veto: Embarrasses the Team & League: New Orleans Wins the pick.

    Integrity isn’t assumed, as Stern would like us all to believe, it’s collectively earned.  And after watching years of home-cooked officiating crews, coupled with a “don’t question my authority” often espoused from Mr. Stern by way of costly fines for in-house criticism, it’s no wonder conspiracy theorists are gathering in large numbers.

    That’s just the wavering integrity of the League.  Let’s not forget how Derek Fisher, head of the PLAYERS ASSOCIATION, refused to be traded earlier this year and strong-armed Houston to release him from his contract.  Let me repeat that…The head of the PLAYERS ASSOCIATION refused to be traded.  Clearly the rules only matter when it suits them.  Could you imagine if every player refused to be traded?

    Integrity isn’t assumed, it’s collectively earned, and it’s getting hard to respect a League who’s behavior is beginning to smell like a WWF wrestling event.  Right now David Stern is bluffing my suspension of disbelief and I’m not the only one getting irritated by it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Martinez/517945956 Michael Martinez

    What a defensive little bitch lol

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EFLCIMNSQMVOAC3PHNJEDKOUTE Jrick

    It’s still stupid to ask Stern the question.  Even if it were fixed, would he tell the truth?  Lyndon, did you kill Jack?  Bobby, did you kill Marilyn?  Dumb questions.  

  • Anonymous

    I think Rome was doing his job asking the question, that everyone is thinking about.  I hope this brings to light the unprofessional, and disrespectful way, amont other things,
    Stern is.  Look at his history.  I also don’t care too much for DelVecchio, but for the first time he is supporting the right person.  Rome!!!

  • Anonymous

    David Stern is such a prick, it’s beyond belief.  One of the few people on the planet I would lock in a burning building rather than save.

    Jrick is right too, of course he’s going to say no.  They question you ask is “Given the circumstances [list them here], can you see why people believe the draft was rigged.”  Not to mention there are a whole host of other questions he could have asked on the topic of fixing games, playoffs, even dunk contests, that he didn’t ask.   

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UWRIVDADKSD5TX7VFZOF4OYVGI AndrewM

    Further proof that stern is a child and when he doesn’t get his way he defends himself like a child bravo to Rome for  keeping him on the line and continuing to have him on the show.

  • Anonymous

    I have never been the biggest Rome fan, but but ME DOWN as his #1!!!!!! Way to go Rome you handled that with class, even after the little mean jewish leprican tried to get rude and ask a B-ass question!  Stern is a eggotestical, outofcontrol commisioner and he totally needs to be replaced!

  • Dave Small

    Jim Rome is such a complete ass! What a major jerk.

  • Brad Brad

    Rome made the mistake of posing his topic as a question. He could have merely stated the agenda: “We are going to discuss the widely held belief that the NBA lottery is fixed. How do you respond to that theory, and what steps has the NBA taken – and will further take –  to eliminate that possibility?”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Lee-Shepherd-II/670918828 David Lee Shepherd II

    My favorite part was when he asked about flopping:D Commish, your a jerk, good job Rome for keeping it above the waste.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Lee-Shepherd-II/670918828 David Lee Shepherd II

    Because David Stern is a waste of a a commish and the garbage needs to be taken out.

  • Cameron Bryant

    that would be David Stearn who appeared as the Ass…embarassed himself and the League with that childish behavior

  • Dave Small

    Rome is such an incredible jerk

  • Anonymous

    If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck…………
    Just add it all up.  Look what he did to the Lakers with the Chris Paul deal.
    Playing favorites for parity and a better price for the NBA owned team.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about a pair self absorbed punks…When in (an interview with) Rome, do as Rome ? Rome confuses an unprofessional, negative, confrontational style, with legitimately tough questions and Stern confuses himself with the Wizard of Oz…”Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…” It’s time for the NBA to move on to a 21st century commish…The marketplace will deal with Rome

  • Antoine Joseph


  • Anonymous

    Great comment. The problem is that no Pro League in any sport really cares about integrity. They demand that the writers and fans have blind faith in their authority to honestly run their leagues. After all the slimy things that the heads of leagues have tried to pass off to the public as truth that we have found to be lies. ie  no one uses steroids, concussions don’t cause senility, the referees are all honest.  No one believes anything they say. So just bluff their way thru the tough questions and move on or distract by attack on a personal level so they never really answer the question

  • Anonymous


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TTPSYXX2FUB6FFVJWG732CMZ6Y Getreal.

    Antisemitic prick.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CCFNSZ7JRIGPTBLFSCG573NCHQ Kirk

    i wouldnt doubt if he did ridge it to sell the team, in gurantee to put aquailty player on the team to get a good return on sell ing the team, he is very sneaky, he shited the laker out of chris paul, was a hugh turn off for me

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AWQSJVLF3N5NHXDOZ3P7TRGMII hoangsl

    David Stern, “Have you stopped beating YOUR WIFE?”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AWQSJVLF3N5NHXDOZ3P7TRGMII hoangsl

    David Stern was a punk during NBA negotiations. He was a punk in the Chris Paul debacle! HE was a punk on the Jim Rome show!

    And I ask David Stern, “Have you stopped molesting kids?”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VKKEHVTRKBIT54PJQ6QAGQVO7U Fs or Gs welcome

    You’re kidding, right ?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VKKEHVTRKBIT54PJQ6QAGQVO7U Fs or Gs welcome

    What Stern has done the past year or more, is complete lunacy…. how he’s been allowed to to jam everyone AND get his way, is mindboggling…. the way he handled the work stoppage is a novel unto itself….. If i was Rome, after i asked & heard his response, i’d have said  ” you’re aware that a response like this in lieu of the decisions you’ve made the past few months is only hurting you, right”     If ANYONE believe that NOH Draft pick situation wasn’t rigged, is too stupid to even be commenting on it…. Rome KNOWS it was rigged, which is WHY he asked the question….. he also know WHY the Nevada State Athletic Commision is even dirtier, and he’s asked those questions as well…. I ABSOLUTELY like Rome more on TV than i do on radio ( his childish gimmickry w/ repeating soundbytes seemingly for 12 y/o’s got old 15 years ago) but his new show has been SUPERB from day 1, and his guests have been $ every signle day…. Nicely done, & i applaud a guy who has the sack to actually ask questions these days & NOT back down !     Yet who’s fair & reasonable all the while…

  • Anonymous

    I agree, cannot stand Stern, crooked, but agree with Stern that absurd question because of course Stern would not admit it and just because conspiracy theorists put it out there does not make it a professional question. BTW, who is shorter of the two? Both small man complex. Loved it when Jim Everett broke Rome’s nose or last connected with it when the obnoxious midget kept, on his tv shoe, harrassing Everett, insisting on calling him Chris, and Everett gave him about three warnings that he was going to smack him.

  • Anonymous

    Then change the channel and let us enjoy Rome.  Rome is intelligent, knows his sports, and did not drop down to Stern’s garbage level.  A commish who by the way needs to be replaced.   I just hope Rome gets credit for this and exposing Stern’s true colors.

  • Anonymous

    your still holding on to that?

  • Robert Taylor

    Whether one likes Rome or not the question he asked was above board and a fair one. Rome didn’t bring the question out of left field. He asked the question politely and should have gotten a fair response. It’s Stern who should be ashamed of himself, he didn’t like the question so he went into his tirade and wanted to make Rome out as if he was the bad guy. If Stern thought the question was a loaded one then just say, I think what your asking is a loaded question.

    The reason he needed to get off the phone and speak to Stephen A. Smith is because Stephen and the guys over at ESPN will suck up, their not going to be controversial or ask anything hard. Most likely they probably have all the questions pre-planned and Stern knows each question ahead of time. I’m sickened that the sports world has come to this. Will there ever be a legitimate sport we can watch or has sports in general become another scripted reality show?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-C-Stengel/1512121897 Edward C. Stengel

    David  Stern thinks that the NBA referees are honest judges.  That tells you about David Stern’s  mentality.  I think that the question was a fair one, and, as usual, David Stern doesn’t want to deal with it.

  • Joseph Eisenberg

    I think the old adage ‘The Truth Hurts” says it all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Newberry/1352907365 John Newberry

    I don’t know who I dislike like more, Stern or Rome…they are both children. 

  • Anonymous

    I really think that the Commissioner of the NBA should get involved here and discipline this David Stern guy!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LK7URZHNXJAR4GC6KEJPTZ2OFA Robert

    David Stern is an idiot who has overstayed his welcome. He is the boorish face of a over inflated ego driven league that few people really care about and Jim Rome was doing his job to ask that tough question.

  • Anonymous

    whether you believe that or not, Stern was totally off on this one.

  • Anonymous

    it was news and it’s still funny.  Have to say it’s a good redundant topic.  I still enjoy it.
    Not quite as good as Geraldo getting hit by that chair, but still reality tv.
    Stern is a dick. We all know the NBA is rigged. Look at the travelling calls for superstars – or lack of. It’s turned into the WWE of bball. Stern is the mascot

  • Anonymous

    If you are talking about dbags, then Stephen A**hole Smith is the leader – he is worse than both Stern and Rome put together plus some.  These 3 on a sinking boat to Antarctica and we are better off.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WE4NRU7JFC6KOBLDCW7GTDQMZE LeFace

    No such thing as a dumb question … Stern’s reaction speaks volumes as to the integrity of the league and its officiating.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WE4NRU7JFC6KOBLDCW7GTDQMZE LeFace

    Dave Small aka Dave Stern?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WE4NRU7JFC6KOBLDCW7GTDQMZE LeFace

    The better question is: “When did NBA officials stop fixing NBA games?”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WE4NRU7JFC6KOBLDCW7GTDQMZE LeFace

    U r so right — Stern’s conduct is an embarrasment and detrimental to the ‘professional image’ groomed by the NBA — clearly a flagrant foul, type II, that warrants a substantial fine and a prolonged suspension. I’m sure Metta World Peace would agree …

  • Anonymous

    Wow….it’s funny how questions hurt, and for the ppl who hate Rome, you really love him because your commenting on him, just don’t watch, or listen,…etc, etc.

  • http://twitter.com/artthesmart arthur wallace

    WOW , GREAT WORK ROME ……WHAT A PRICK DAVID STERN IS  …..we  are not idiots , if the nba owns the team and plans to sell it , the value goes up with the number one pick so the question is all but fair .

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/77KB77U5RUR4QDFKZ3JZGIK7UU Greg

    Why the need to mention the fact he’s Jewish?  Sounds like you have TWO issues with Stern

  • Anonymous

    Nice job by Rome for handling it well. I would have said, “I may not beat my wife but I may start beating you”! “See you soon”. Watch Stern quake in his shoes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/R-Tool-Thomas/1771388503 R Tool Thomas

    Jim Rome, is a wife beater and a dumb ass. If you are really the alpha male, Jim try beating up on Metta World Peace or  Charles Barkley. I think you will be the wife fool.

  • Fadi Karadsheh

    I dont think you get it dude….

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.thomas.92 Ronald Thomas

    Why, because he asked a question that is on a lot of people’s mind.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t get it. Rome didn’t get personal with Stern. Stern got personal with Rome. Stern is the A-hole.

  • Anonymous

    Stern has to get with the refs and tell them that if they call a ticky tack touch a foul then what do they call when the player get mugged, nothing. I have watched my last NBA game as too much favoritizm is shown to the so called stars. I don’t care who wins the series but call the game fairly for both teams. And Stern should be replaced because of his comments made with Rome. College BB here I come.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AUQQEJ7SHO7VI64XQ5JQKQLPJM Terry J

    I personally have never liked David Stern. I think he has damaged the NBA’s credibility for 20+ years. And I do believe there are shenanigans going on in the NBA from the top down.