Dwight Howard reportedly cancels appearance at his own Orlando youth camp

Dwight Howard is not exactly making new friends in Orlando as the days go by. By all accounts, the relationship between him and the team has gone sour. Yet, somehow, it seems like it may never end. On Monday, the number of Dwight fans in the Orlando area shrunk a bit more when he reportedly cancelled a scheduled appearance at his own youth basketball camp.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, families who were signed up for the $199 camp received emails on Monday informing them that Howard will not be appearing at the camp on August 13 and 14 as planned. Instead, he will remain in California to continue rehabbing his injured back. Andrew Nicholson, the Magic’s first-round draft pick, is scheduled to take his place.

This certainly isn’t going to help Superman’s community standing, not that he cares about that anymore or ever did in my opinion. He already made it clear through Twitter recently that he does not believe the team cares about him, so it seems like everything Howard does reflects his thought that his days are numbered in Orlando.

As we learned with Adrian Peterson a year ago, blowing off an obligation and missing your own youth camp is never a popular move among the fans. Fortunately for Peterson, his popularity is so high that it is easy for him to bounce back from a PR hiccup like that one. The same certainly can’t be said for Dwight.

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