Dwyane Wade wants a title for LeBron more than for himself

Dwyane Wade has already achieved something LeBron has not: he won a championship. Winning that mythical ring has taken some pressure off Wade when it comes to discussions about basketball’s greatest players. But until LeBron James wins at least one championship, he’s going to receive continual criticism. That’s why Wade says he wants a title for his running mate more than for himself.

“Obviously, I know him personally. I know what he wants, I know what’s in his heart. So, yeah, I want it for him. I think I probably want it for him more than I want it for myself,” Wade told the Palm Beach Post.

That quote is one of many shared by the Post’s Ethan J. Skolnick who wrote a column discussing the relationship between the Heat’s two biggest star players. It’s clear there is a strong friendship and excellent working relationship between them.

“We respect each other’s ability,” James said. “We respect each other’s basketball IQ. And we want nothing but the best for each other. And then we hold each other accountable to a higher standard than anybody else on the team.”

LeBron says Wade feels comfortable critiquing his game.

“There’s been times when he wanted me to be more aggressive, where I made a play or made a pass that I could have finished or done something else,” James said. “And he gets on me too.”

It’s important for LeBron to have support from such a good player because he faces negativity from so many outsiders. Wade’s selfless approach is commendable. The truth is there are many fans who feel the same way as him and want LeBron to get a ring so the conversation can move past him being a choker.

Feel free to “wayin” on the question below: Should Wade want to win a title for LeBron more than himself?

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  • hassan alqaraiti

    lebron james stinks and punk wade will never win a title because villians never win.

  • Gene

    Right.  Villians never win. Just ask Sonny Liston, the Flyers’ Broad Street Bullies, or the Pistons’ Bad Boys, to name a few.

  • Gene

    Probably Wade does want LeBron to win more than he wants it for himself because once LeBron gets the first one and has even more confidence, he will lead Wade to many more titles.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Lebron had any Basketball I.Q. or any I.Q. for that matter, now Dewayne is different he seems to be an intelligent young man.