George Karl: I just despise the Lakers

A lot of coaches genuinely dislike their rivals, but many of them would never come out and tell you that. The politically correct things to say are “they’re a tough team” and “they’re always prepared and well-coached,” but we know enough by now to know that George Karl is anything but politically correct. The Nuggets coach is not a fan of the Lakers, and he is not afraid to admit that.

“I can’t deny that I just despise the Lakers,” Karl said Monday according to the Denver Post. “There’s a bigger (description) for it (that I can’t use in public). I’ve been beaten by them too many times. I didn’t expect them to be bad this season, but when they got Steve Nash, I can’t deny I was really upset.”

Karl also added that he sent a text message to Lakers executive Mitch Kupchak telling him he believes he keeps a rabbit’s foot up his — well, you know.

Last season, the Nuggets took L.A. to seven games in the postseason before Kobe Bryant and company prevailed. That was the third time in five years the Lakers have ousted Denver in the playoffs, so you can see where Karl would develop his disdain for the perennial powerhouse. If all goes to plan this season at the Staples Center, he may hate the new-look Lakers more than he ever has.

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  • WhenWillTheyShoot71

    At least he’s honest.

  • Pasquale Cappiello

    He doesn’t hate the Lakers, he is just envious of the success and wishes he was the coach of such a proud elite franchise as the Lakers! Get ready to LOSE again Karl!

  • Mary Mote

    He’s just frustrated and rightly so. Imagine how he feels looking at the roster now.
    I think he will have to hate them for another season, sorry bout that.

  • cgloves

    You got to give the man credit for having the guts to say what he means and mean what he says. He is a good coach that has not had quite the same talent level as the Lakers seem to always have but who’s fault is that? Surely not the Lakers fault and if he would have been called about the job before Phil, instead of  Rudy Tomjonovich, would he have taken the job, and if so he would have been right in the beginning of Shaq/Kobe era so would he still be their coach? Would they have won those 5 titles with George coaching instead of Phil?

  • William Leach

    Have nothing but respect for Karl. The Lakers could do a LOT worse than him if he were ever to become their coach.