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Monday, May 21, 2018

Gregg Popovich Won’t Win One for the Gipper nor Remember the Titans

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is famous for his biting sarcasm and honest criticism in post-game news conferences. Pop’s comments following Wednesday night’s loss that put the Spurs down 0-2 against the Suns in the Western Conference semifinals were no exception. Irritated by the nature of the questions he received from reporters who were wondering if the team was panicked, Popovich unloaded with some funny remarks. Here’s what he said (with video below) after being asked if he compares this situation to the ’08 playoffs when the Spurs rebounded from a 0-2 deficit to beat the Hornets in seven games:

Popovich: “No I won’t think about [the Hornets series] at all. These guys are grown men. They don’t need me to say ‘Remember the Hornets, fellas. We got to really pull it together for Game 3.’ Maybe I’ll talk about the Gipper If I’m going to talk about the Hornets. They’re grown — they know what they have to do. They know they’re down 2-0 and they’ll come back and try their best in Game 3 and they’ll win or they’ll lose.”

With the way the first two games went, something tells me we should be expecting a lengthy series. Maybe Pop will keep his Gipper speech in the bag for Game 7. Here’s a video of Gregg Popovich’s Gipper/Remember the Titans comments:

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