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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kevin Durant Intros Rap Song That Takes Shot at Russell Westbrook (Audio)

Athletes oftentimes lend their name to stuff without knowing the finished product. We realize that. Perhaps Kevin Durant is just a big supporter of the rapper DNA. He may have agreed to record an introduction to one of his songs without knowing what the actual lyrics would be. Either that, or Durant has no problem with his boy taking a shot at Russell Westbrook. In the first 30 seconds of the song “Underrated and Underpaid,” DNA has a line about never passing the ball like Westbrook. Check out the audio that I Am a GM passed along, keeping in mind that some of the lyrics are very NSFW:

The line is somewhat harmless. Unless Westbrook is extremely sensitive, it shouldn’t bother him that much.  The puzzling thing about Durant endorsing the song is that he and Westbrook have admitted to butting heads in the past.  The Thunder stand a much better chance of succeeding if their two superstars can get along, so I’m not sure why Durant would risk straining the relationship even further.  If he didn’t know, that’s one thing.  If he did, the decision warrants at least a little criticism.

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