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Friday, May 25, 2018

Video: Kevin Garnett Calls the Celtics Comeback Win Over the Magic a ‘Bar Fight’

Poor Craig Sager. All he was trying to do is grab an interview after the most impressive comeback of the NBA season thus far, and he ran into Kevin Garnett during one of his episodes. The Celtics managed to come back from 27 down on the road to beat the Magic, so you can understand where Garnett’s excitement stemmed from. Kevin may have gotten spit and sweat all over Sager’s tool-bag suit, but that’s what happens after you find yourself on the winning end of a bar fight.

Garnett is a notoriously dirty player in the NBA, but you can’t deny the dude gives some funny interviews when he’s all jacked up. Whether it’s dropping an f-bomb or not letting the reporter get a word out, Garnett creates some entertaining moments.  At least he realized Sager was trying to give an interview and gave him a chance to speak.  Not only that, but he dropped a compliment on him at the end.  What more can you expect?

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