Kings coaches say Jimmer Fredette is not that fast and athletic, should be more selfish

Jimmer Fredette was known in college for his pure scoring ability. He single-handedly turned BYU into a national championship contender by having an uncanny ability to hit shots from anywhere on the floor. Defenders who covered Jimmer inside the three-point line quickly realized they had to come out past it. When defenders came out past the arc, Fredette knocked down shots from beyond NBA-range anyway.  Sacramento Kings coach Keith Smart is looking for that Jimmer.

“We can work on the point guard (skills) this summer and we want Jimmer to make plays,” Smart said according to the Sacramento Bee. “But when he comes off a pick, he has to take that shot. He needs to become a little selfish.”

“He makes it tough on himself because he wants to prove people wrong,” Kings assistant Bobby Jackson added. “But I told him: ‘You’re not that fast or that athletic, but you have something a lot of guys don’t have – scoring ability. Stop trying to drive all the time.’ His outside shooting opens things up for Tyreke (Evans) and (DeMarcus) Cousins.”

Jimmer’s jerseys may be selling faster than secretly-stashed Snickers bars at a fat camp, but he has spent the past two games on the bench. Adjusting to the NBA from college is difficult enough, let alone having to do so after a lockout cancels most offseason workouts. This year has been particularly difficult for rookies and Jimmer is no exception.

If Fredette wants to enjoy the same success in the pros that he did at the college level, he needs to regain confidence in his jump shot. You can be a multidimensional player and still remain a scorer. As soon as Jimmer is comfortable with that he can begin contributing to the struggling Kings.

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  • Anonymous

    Smart is right.

  • http://twitter.com/WalkerMusical Walker Music Studio

    It’s very difficult to score from the bench!!!!

  • Poison_ Monkey

    The King’s Coaching staffs have a History of not Trusting Managements early on draft picks. i.e. pecking order non-existent in last place teams.

    Bobby made an opinion based on a mutual trust level (Kings-Jimmer) never came to fruition.

    I believe a percentage of great player’s need X PLAYS ran to match their exceptional-well-balanced starting talents.

    Bobby was super fast-helter skelter-best off bench firecracker spurts.

    Jimmer is more of a “Jordon” style starter-moderately fast-super smart BUT once Jordon’s Coach decided to run “team” play’s for “Jordon” verses crazy green light Bobby style-

    We all know Jordon is far superior-best in NBA-ever but Im talking about a kid that soared much higher as an eagle at a College level.  That deserves respect.


    I think-Jimmer has that much potential of mixing with a play
    making Coach taking over a Game.