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Sunday, May 27, 2018

LeBron James Skips Player Intros to Avoid Boos in Cleveland (UPDATE)

LeBron James 1, Cleveland 0. All the Cavs fans who bought tickets to Tuesday night’s game so they could boo LeBron James missed out on a golden opportunity because of a smart move by the former MVP. Rather than subject himself to a poor reception, LeBron remained in the locker room during player introductions to avoid the boos. Check out the video:

With the type of anti-LeBron posters the fans had made, why would he want to expose himself to that? What recourse do the fans have if LeBron stays in the locker room for that part? None, and that’s why it was smart. Just check out some of these anti-LeBron signs:

It’s been almost four months since the last meeting between the teams in Cleveland, but it doesn’t at all appears as if the fans’ anger has cooled down. Just compare the posters above (courtesy of Mock Session) with the ones from December.

UPDATE: LeBron said he was using the bathroom during the introductions.

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