LeBron James consoled by Udonis Haslem at end of Game 5 (Video)

No, LeBron James was not crying at the end of Game 5 despite what all the haters would like to believe. The man was just emotionally and physically spent, and probably devastated that his team was losing the NBA title to the Spurs a year after winning it. You could see it in these moments shown on TV by ABC/ESPN.

LeBron played well in Game 5 and was the only Heat player who showed up during the Finals. He had 30 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocks while playing 41 minutes in the elimination game. And Udonis Haslem made his greatest contribution during the Finals by consoling James in that moment.

LeBron James Udonis Haslem

Sorry to say it, but the 34-year-old forward was pretty much useless during the series and at many times during the postseason.

This song goes out to LeBron from U-Don. Here’s to you baby:

GIF via GIFD Sports; Image via @Jose3030

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  • JaelZion

    Even if he had been crying, so what? LeBron played his heart out and it wasn’t enough. Any fierce competitor would be bitterly disappointed in that situation.

  • mike.t

    meh even the best lose

  • awfulorv

    What’s all this crying among black athletes about?

    There’s the 315 lb interior lineman, weeping on his mommies shoulder when he’s drafted, and about to be given a ten million dollar signing bonus for playing a damn game.
    There’s Lebron, looking like a wuss , having to be carried, a career ending injury, it appeared, the length of the court, only to pop up the next night and score thirty.
    And now weeping, at the series loss to a more courageous team.
    Have these people no shame?

  • VivienneGloverini

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