Young Mavs fan takes picture of his hand after Dirk Nowitzki high fives it

Dirk Nowitzki was pretty pumped after making a sweet baseline jumper from behind the basket against the Knicks Tuesday. After nailing the shot to put the Mavs up 88-78 with 2:27 left, Dirk celebrated by high-fiving some of the fans sitting courtside. Dirk was seriously stoked and went a bit overboard on his high fiving, to the point where he nearly took a young fan’s arm off. The young boy managed to recover and was so proud to have exchanged contact with the Mavs superstar, he used his camera phone to take a picture of his hand:

Just imagine what that picture message to his friends said: “Check it out, Dirk touched my hand tonight!” Awesome, bro. I’ll bet he refused to shower or wash his palms after that.

Pic via Steve Lieb

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