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Friday, May 25, 2018

Michael Jordan played beer pong and the internet went nuts


If you have spent more than 27 minutes surfing the web today in your free time, you may have come across some photos of Michael Jordan playing beer pong at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami over the weekend. In addition to the image you see above that was posted by Instagram user @yaypril, there were also a couple more angles of His Airness getting his pong on.

We have to assume this is a new game for MJ. Like everyone else, we noticed that he is clearly violating one of the most basic beer pong rules there is — no elbows over the table. Considering Jordan is one of the most clutch shooters of all time, you’d think he’d have the courtesy to back up a bit. We know dunking was his thing, but you can’t do that in this game.

I get that everyone was probably so stoked to be playing beer pong with MJ that they didn’t want to say anything, but that is some serious leaning. You can’t have that no matter how many NBA championships your opponent has one. I’d have called him out almost instantly.

H/T Barstool Chicago

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