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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mickael Pietrus Provides Top 10 Valentine’s Day Tips for Pimps

Over the past few days, Suns guard Mickael Pietrus went on quite the rant about women and love. To sum things up, he comes across as quite the chauvinist — a departure from the stereotype that French men make the best and romantic lovers. For instance, there was this tweet he sent out on Friday “Hey fellas don’t forget on Monday it’s their Day and then on tuesday we can go back to tha playstation lol lol.”

That line of thinking should have had you prepared for Sunday when he gave a pretty pessimistic take on the holiday before releasing his Top 10 Valentine’s Day tips for pimps. “I wanna wish you a happy valentine day, if you are alone sorry about that but trust me you saved money on gifts lol lol,” amen to that — we can all relate.

Now as far as his advice goes, I’m no dating expert, but I don’t think his suggestions will get you too far.

Here are Mickael Pietrus’ Top 10 Valentine’s Day tips as he posted on his twitter account:

1) Save money : Take her out during Happy hour everything Half Price

2) If you short on cash, don’t make a reservation, chances are the restaurant will already be booked.

3) Make sure you put the right name on the right card lol lol lol

4) if you have more than 1 valentine please make sure you check your phone in the bathroom

5) When your getting your Valentine day Gifts, make sure to purchase the same gift so you don’t forget what you gave who. Lol lol

6) Hey Fellas there will be a lot of beautiful women tomorrow night , please keep your eyes on YOURS lol lol lol

7) Put a note on the light switch saying “turn me on instead I will light you up ”

8) Have a plan B in case plan A goes South lol lol lol ( you know what I’m talking about ) lol

9) make sure to go to her house so you can leave when you choose lol lol (thinking about plan B)

10) If 1 tru 9 didn’t work please don’t feel bad, it didn’t work for me either… Happy Valentines day everyone!!! MP

Numbers three and five were easily my favorite. Something tells me that Pietrus will be alone with his Playstation on Monday, just a hunch.

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