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Friday, May 25, 2018

O.J. Mayo runs to the wrong basket after a jump ball (Video)

Some of you who follow the entertaining career of JaVale McGee might remember earlier this season when he unknowingly ran back on defense while the Wizards were still on offense. It was hilarious and another fantastic example of McGee being the knucklehead he is. But at least he still knew what side of the court was his. Can’t say the same O.J. Mayo here.

After a jump ball in the Grizzlies’s 94-89 win over the Mavericks on Saturday, Mayo broke out sprinting to the wrong hoop expecting, an easy two off a pass from Quincy Pondexter. Once he realized his error, Mayo tried to play it off cool, like nothing happened, but we all still saw it, especially Jason Terry, who pointed at Mayo in ridicule. Don’t worry, O.J., it happens to the best of us … when we played rec league basketball in grade school.

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