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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pau Gasol was watching ‘Lion King’ play and false trade report ruined his night

Pau Gasol Lion King

Poor Pau Gasol. The guy has had to deal with so many trade rumors over the past several years that he’s gotten used to ignoring them. But one false alarm on Saturday night ruined his viewing of the “Lion King” musical. Seriously.

Gasol says he was at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday to watch the “Lion King” play. He took his parents and little brother to watch the highly-acclaimed show, but he made the mistake of checking Twitter during the intermission. That’s when he found out about the trade report, which turned out to be inaccurate.

Local LA radio station KSPN tweeted late Saturday night that Gasol had been traded to the Cavaliers for Andrew Bynum. The Lakers denied the trade — as did other reporters — and the radio station quickly deleted the tweet. But it was up long enough for fans to begin bombarding Gasol with farewell messages.

“I was getting all these messages, ‘Farewell, Pau. Thanks for all your services,’ all that stuff,” Gasol said on Tuesday via the Los Angeles Daily News.

Gasol has actually been traded by the Lakers before. He was part of the Chris Paul trade that was cancelled by commissioner David Stern. Numerous other rumors over the past few years have suggested he was being traded, but he’s remained with the Lakers.

What’s the big lesson to learn in all of this? Never go to see the Lion King play. And if you must go, don’t check Twitter at intermission. Stick with going to the john and buying snacks.

At least this story has provided us with a great meme:

Pau Gasol meme

Pau Gasol Lion King meme

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