Ron Artest Thanks His Psychiatrist!

There’s no doubt that Ron Artest is a wacky dude. If you didn’t already know it, his speech after winning the NBA title during an interview on ABC confirmed it. In the interview with Doris Burke, Ron Artest gave his thank yous and in the middle of the list was his psychiatrist. He failed to actually give any comments on the game, instead he spent the time promoting his music. This is Ron Artest at his finest — check out the video of Ron Artest thanking his psychiatrist:

Video Credit: YouTube user DrD00CKTORDEATH

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  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    I will never have warm and fuzzy feelings about this guy. But I will give him credit for this statement after the Lakers won the championship on Thursday:

    “When I was younger, I bailed out on my Indiana team,” Artest said during the postgame interview session. “I was so young, so egotistical, and I bailed out on (team executives) Donnie (Walsh) (and) Larry (Bird) (and former teammates) Jermaine (O’Neal), (Jamaal) Tinsley, (Jeff) Foster, who never bails out. He just fights for you, for his team. Stephen Jackson, who already had a ring, continued to fight for us.”

    At least he finally has the guts to admit it.