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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sean Williams Vomited During Mavs Game After ODing on Chocolate Covered Almonds

Dallas Mavericks forward Sean Williams vomited on the bench during his team’s loss to the Nuggets Monday. A lot of people have said that’s a clear sign he’s out of shape. Williams disagrees and wants to set the record straight: he says throwing up was not the product of being out of shape, but … wait for it … overdosing on chocolate-covered almonds before the game.

Mavericks writer Earl K. Sneed said on Twitter Wednesday “Sean Williams told me to tell everyone he’s not out of shape. He ate too many chocolate covered almonds. It was the first time he’s had chocolate covered almonds in about 2 years. They were so good he couldn’t stop eating. Williams said he’s just happy that he didn’t throw up on the court during the game, because he could feel it coming.”

Please don’t tell me he really expects us to buy that. Throwing up because you ate too many chocolate covered almonds? Come on bro, what are you, 6? Leave that kindergarten excuse at home.

I wonder what Mike Scioscia thinks of Williams’ explanation.

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