How Was Tim Tebow Sitting Courtside for Magic/Cavs Game 6?

Far be it from me to be the buzz kill during an exciting Game 6 in Orlando, but my buddy Botros tipped me off to something quite interesting. Apparently Tim Tebow was in attendance for the game and caught on camera several times near the court.

Naturally once must assume that the man had pretty sweet tickets to the game considering he was pictured on the floor-level. Let’s figure he was sitting somewhere in the first five rows for the game — that has to be at least several hundred, possibly a few thousand dollars. Now I’m not sure about his family’s financial status, but I’m guessing they don’t have that much extra money laying around for their son to attend one game. When you’re talking about similar seats to the ones that Tiger Woods occupies — and he’s a professional athlete — something doesn’t sit right. Wasn’t it O.J. Mayo who was busted for going to a Lakers game thanks to tickets provided by Carmelo Anthony? How is it that Tim Tebow — an amateur college athlete unable to work at a job — was able to afford such prime seats to such a big sporting event? Yeah, I realize it’s kind of menial, but the whole thing seems pretty fishy to me.

Photo Courtesy AP

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  • Jared Cox

    Yeah…it IS very menial. Maybe you should concentrate more of your efforts towards writing REAL sporting reports rather than speculating towards what you might feel is a “fishy” situation when you have no real grounds to base any of your hypotheses on. That’s how junior high kids start rumors…you’re not in junior high, are you? So obviously you’ve got a lot of influence in how the general public will view sports icons. I’m sure a lot of people will see Lebron differently now because of your report (which is fine. He shouldn’t have walked away and left everyone hanging like that), but as far as Tebow goes, just accept that he was there having a good time, and if he was given money or gifts illegally then he’ll be found out. For right now though, just take some words of wisdom from The Beetles and “let it be.”

  • JS

    Don’t be shocked that Urban Meyer & Company checked out every entry and exit, and if the NCAA still says no, Dad the minister will make a donation to charity. At worst, Tim will just have to sit it out while the Gators are challenged to win their opener against Charleston Southern without him.

  • SpinMax

    The NCAA can pick and choose who they wish to invstigate and punish, and like USC football, they won’t lay a finger on Tebow. Of course if this were freshman RB Jim Tebjackson from north carolina or whatever, he’d be in trouble.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Jared, you must be a big Florida fan who doesn’t want to see his school and favorite player get punished. Always tough to face reality, isn’t it?

  • SIC”EM

    Larry Brown,

    The news cycle must really be slow. I guess Tebow has nothing better to do than committ a major NCAA violation on public tv. He probably didn’t think anyone would recognize him. I am just wondering if you will do a follow up when he is cleared of any wrongdoing.

  • http://teamnetwork dj


    That lady over their is watering her yard….. and it’s not her day!!!

  • Jeff J

    So if some rich person wants to take me to a Lakers game, its ok, but since he’s a college QB, he’s not allowed to go to a basketball game even if some rich person gave him tickets.

  • Heath

    His mom bought him the ticket. The family has plenty of money. Really professional work here – you must be very proud.

  • Colby

    It’s about time someone looked into this…..

    Tebow has been seen on TV:
    – Courtside for Eastern Conference Finals.
    – Luxury box at the Superbowl.
    – Pit row at Daytona 500.
    – One on One round of golf with Phil Mickelson before the Players.
    – Backstage at several Kenny Chesney concerts.

    Certainly this level of access is not granted to every college QB, and there is a monetary value associated with these perks.

  • http://ancientmedia.blogspot.com Andrew
  • Jeff J

    I’m sure the NCAA will try and find a way to investigate whether his mom actually received that money from a Gators alumni donor. The NCAA is a joke.

    There is actually a great article I posted below about how lame and selfish the NCAA really is.


  • How die he get the tickes – he prayed for them

    “You will never see another player pray for courtside seats like I will. You will never see another team play harder for courtside seats like this team will.”

    – Jesus Tebow just prior to tipoff outside the O-Rena.

  • Mike D

    Tebow come down from the heavens and was placed there on the sideline. Didn’t ya know?

  • The Lux

    Where did you obtain that photo of Tebow? I don’t see a photo credit. Did you take it? Or did you “borrow” (re: steal) it from the web somewhere?

    I’m not sure why this is so hard for you and certain other people to understand, but it’s pretty simple: THESE PIECES OF PROPERTY DON’T BELONG TO YOU. They’re not yours to use.

    I demand you take this down or I will alert proper authorities.

    You INTERNET thieves will be stopped!

  • The Lux

    I see the AP credit now. Did they give you permission to use this or did you swipe it?

  • http://none K

    Just for comparison, two UGA players, one of them being Mathew Stafford, were given tix to a Falcons game by a NFL Player as a friend. UGA reported a minor violation and both players had to pay a fine a make a donation to a charity.
    I agree that the NCAA is a little up tight about this, but it should be looked into, I did not realize that he was given such prime access to many major sporting events. If you are going to go after USC and other schools, then St. Tebow should not be immune.