Amir Khan-Zab Judah Prepared to Settle on 55-45 Purse Split (Update)

Amir Khan is 25-1, the current WBA lightweight champion, and he’s won his last seven fights in a row. Trainer Freddie Roach says Khan isn’t ready for a clash with Manny Pacquiao yet, but there is little doubt that he is one of the preeminent fighters in the 140-pound division. After destroying Paul McCloskey his last time out, Khan is searching for a new opponent.

Timothy Bradley, who should be fighting Khan, turned down an offer because the money wasn’t worth the risk. Erik Morales reportedly turned down a $1.5 million offer to face Khan because he knew it was a bad matchup for him. Zab Judah should feel the same way, but apparently he’s down for the paycheck. Actually, he’s pushing for better terms in the negotiations even though Khan is far superior.

While Khan’s team was pushing for a 60-40 split in the proposed fight with Zab Judah, Zab’s team wanted things split 50-50. But Boxing Scene reports that Judah’s team is prepared to accept a 55-45 purse split as long as the fight takes place in Atlantic City; Khan wants the fight in Las Vegas.

If you judge things based on talent level and recent performance, the terms should be in Khan’s favor. The problem is Khan is from the U.K. and immensely popular overseas, but he’s trying to build up his name in the U.S. where Judah already has popularity. That’s why Khan has less leverage in negotiations. However, Khan has been training at Roach’s Wild Card Gym in Hollywood and spending time in LA, which could help him build his profile in America. Plus, he’s already getting an “A” when it comes to promoting the fight with Judah through trash talking.

The two have been going back and forth on twitter exchanging barbs. Here is a sampling:

From Khan: “Forget the footy match, everyone is tuned onto my twitter page war, with the lifetime award winnner, for best dance! Zab Judah”

From Zab: “Boy you a joke to me @AmirKingKhan sign and ill show you!” and “ok princess let’s fight!! Sign up Boy”

The two also took turns tweeting out pictures of each other laying on the canvas following knockdowns. I’d much rather see Khan take on an up-and-comer like Bradley than a has-been like Judah, but if Bradley won’t accept the fight, then I guess we have to settle for second best. At least these guys are getting creative by promoting their fight properly.

UPDATE: The fight has been agreed to at the 55-45 terms in favor of Khan, both Lem Satterfield and Dan Rafael report. They also confirm that the fight will take place in Las Vegas.

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  • Anonymous

    Jesus Christ Larry, how do you make a living writing this nonsense. Do boxers pay you for hyping them? Based on last performances Judah should be getting the 60-40 split. Khan didn’t destroy McCloskey, he only landed one telling punch and looked terrible all night. The fight was stopped prematurely on a small cut for christ sake, after a head clash. Judah boxed brilliantly against his last opponent, the south african, scoring a legitmate stoppage. How the hell is Khan ‘far superior’? Judah will ruin Khan. Judah is a better version of McCloskey and will take him out in the later rounds, if he avoids Khan’s head butts. Please, bring it on…

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    The two of us must have seen two completely different fights then, because the fight I saw Khan absolutely dominated McCloskey. He was hardly touched, was much faster than him, and it was a one-sided beatdown. The early stoppage only spared McCloskey from more embarrassment.

  • Anonymous

    Larry, why did Roach insist Khan take Alex Ariza back as strength and conditioning coach after the McCloskey fight? Maybe it was because Roach saw that McCloskey’s tactic of taking centre of the ring, neutralising Khan’s hand speed by making him miss repeatedly and tiring him out could have  led to a dangerous scenerio in the later rounds. Obviously we’ll never know if that rope-a-dope-type tactic would have been successful in McCloskey’s, but Khan was quite spent-looking at the half-way mark. Hence Ariza’s return. McCloskey’s face wasn’t marked, your rose-tinted glasses must have distorted your vision watching that fight mate. My point is if Judah uses the same tactic against Khan chances are he’ll knock him out in later rounds. It’s obvious you’re not presenting a reasonable argument. If Khan couldn’t get to McCloskey marching forward in straight lines, nothing suggests to me he would have better luck with Judah, another southpaw defensive fighter with better power.

  • Anonymous

    Good article, I was disappointed in Khans last fight. Organising the event and all it’s mishaps obviously had an effect on him. Before the fight he was saying how strong he felt etc..but as many others have seen, including Mr. Roach, Khan’s stamina was dreadful. I dont know what hes learning at Wild Card gym, I dont know what advice hes getting from Mr. Roach in the corner.McClosky was made for body shots,eg when McClosky was trying to bend away from Khans punches. Khan only defence seems to be to RUN. He cannot compare to Pacquiao who can throw power shot combinations round after round for 12 rounds. I dont believe McClosky would have lasted either, he was clearly hurt before the stoppage and had every opportunity to tell the ref and dr. he was ok. It was only until he went back to his corner did he find his mouth! His lack of fighting also contributed, as the ref saw no way back for a boxer who threw a handful of punches all fight.
    If Khan fights Judah then he has to learn how to defend against uppercuts, which he clearly doesnt know how to,eg Madiana fight. Again in the fight why didn’t Mr. Roach tell Khan protect against the upper cut or to go back to Maidana body? strange….
    p.s I’m a Khan fan, but he still has alot to learn.
    p.p.s I dont believe all this rubbish the Judah is saying hes a NEW fighter as hes found God, you just have to read some of the things hes saying on his tweets to know hes the same brat and bully from the gutter. He wont last 6 rounds against Khan and he knows he so hes trying to get as much for the fight as he can.As for Bradley ducking Khan, if it was the other way round and Khan wouldnt fight Bradley because his contract is about to expire, everyone will be saying, If Khan believe hes the best then fight…but all I hear is “writers” making excuses for Bradley, who only a few months ago was calling out Khan….

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I think you have a valid point about his conditioning needing work, but to suggest that McCloskey had Khan where he wanted him is nonsense. Not one judge gave a round to McCloskey, and if his strategy were to simply tire Khan out, he would have had to work much more swiftly because he was being shutout on the cards. And that’s not because of strategy, that’s because he wasn’t good enough.

  • Anonymous

    You’re constructing a straw man, i didn’t suggest McCloskey had him where he wanted him, i suggested the fight was stopped prematurely – the contest was over 12 rounds, not six and Khan’s opponent wasn’t afforded that, although i totally accept mccloskey should have done more to try and take a few rounds. But the fight was just getting interesting. My main point was if Judah employed a similiar tactic of tiring khan using  good movement to neutalise his power and hand speed and then stepped up the gas later rounds, he’d in all probability knock him out. I just don’t see how you can state Judah is decisively weaker than Khan based on talent and last performance. Judah is a skilled veteran with great movement and power, had a great last fight, Khan still fights in straight lines and his power fades markedly as the fight progresses because of his style. No UK commentator (however biaised) has said Khan looked good during the McCloskey fight, by the way…

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Well the good news is we’ll see how they compare when they fight in July. I think Khan is younger, quicker, and sharper. Judah hasn’t beaten anyone of significance except Matthysse, and that was by a narrow margin.