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Thursday, June 21, 2018

DNA from bloody nose leads to boxer Martin Tucker’s arrest for 2009 robbery

Boxer Martin Tucker probably thought he had gotten away with a 2009 bank robbery free and clear. He probably would have been if it weren’t for some ingenuity by an FBI investigator.

According to The Detroit News, Special Agent Robert Schmitz suspected that 32-year-old Martin Tucker (pictured) of Toledo, Ohio, was the getaway driver in a July 2009 bank robbery. After learning that Tucker had a boxing fight on April 28 in Toledo, Schmitz attended the fight and grabbed a cotton swab that was used to treat Tucker’s bloody nose. The agent took the swab to the lab and tested the DNA. It ended up matching the DNA from one of the robbers, leading to Tucker’s arrest.

And here Tucket thought he was a winner for beating his opponent in the four-round bout to improve to 8-10.

The story behind the robbery is something straight out of “30 Minutes or Less.”

According to The Detroit News, two men used guns to rob the Monroe County Community Credit Union in Temperance, Michigan, in July 2009. Both wore ski masks, hooded sweatshirts and gloves, according to a police affidavit, and they had a third man as their getaway driver. After robbing the bank for nearly $6,000, the men got into the car — which had been stolen from a Toledo home earlier in the day — and drove back across the border to ditch the car at another Toledo home.

The robbers stripped off their clothes leaving behind gloves, masks, and a shirt. The FBI recovered the clothing thanks to a tip and tested the DNA left on the clothing. The DNA matched one man — Quentin Sherer — who had a history of bank robberies. He was arrested last November and his case is pending.

The FBI was led to Tucker when they examined Sherer’s Myspace page and saw pictures of the two together. Agent Schmitz learned of Tucker’s upcoming fight and attended it in order to grab a DNA sample. Low and behold, the DNA from the cotton swab matched the DNA left on the steering wheel and in one of the masks, resulting in Tucker’s arrest.

That is some seriously good work by Schmitz, and an awful turn of events for Tucker. At least justice will be served.

via Boxing Scene
Photo via Martin Tucker’s Facebook

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